Why Cacao Nibs with Cacao Powder
What's the Difference?

This is good to know because a lot of very excellent recipes just use the cacao powder and cacao butter. So... "why cacao nibs with cacao powder" - here's the difference.

The cacao nibs are the broken parts of the whole cacao bean (without the skin). The cacao powder is separated from the cacao butter during further processing of the nibs.

Here is an excellent video that will give you the details in how this comes about. You'll really be able to see the differences in cacao nibs, cacao powder and also the cacao butter and paste. Then read the rest of my article for more answers.

They each have their own unique taste and characteristics. (You can learn more about the Sunfood cacao products by visiting their website.)

Here's Why Cacao Nibs with Cacao Powder is My Choice

When I tried taking the cacao powder and mixing it with the cacao butter, it did not result in a good recipe. I had the idea that I would be recreating the nibs without having to grind them. This was not the case.

  • I couldn't tell how much cacao powder should be mixed with the cacao butter to bring back that cacao nibs taste.
  • And... I'm not sure if I would get the same taste if I worked that out.
  • The cacao nibs do not get any more processing than what you see in the video above.
  • The cacao powder and butter have gone through more changes.
  • I believe the nib's unique taste is lost when trying to mix the cacao powder with the cacao butter to replace the nibs.

I've gone through many recipes wanting the easiest way to get the best taste and most wholesome result. So I have to conclude the reason why cacao nibs with cacao powder works best for me is this - I have in mind a specific result and it matches when I use the nibs and powder.

But, if you have something else in mind, the cacao powder and the cacao butter may be adequate. These chocolate recipes using raw cacao products can be fun. We can all experiment and learn from each other.

More Information About Cacao

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