Trans Fat Substitutes

The trans fat substitutes give you opportunity to take a good look at what is now available and compare. We have gathered a little information to give you something to evaluate.

First of all, Crisco has been around as long as trans fats. It was the first product of it's kind to be made in the US. This was in 1911. There is now a new Crisco containing the substitute.

Safer Substitutes?

You be the judge - here's some information to evaluate...

Crisco has devised a way to change the chemistry so it is no longer classified as containing trans fats. Their ingredients are similar and their procedure slightly altered.
"The new trans-fat free Crisco is one of those examples. The product, which parent company J.M. Smucker says can be used just like original Crisco, is made from fully hydrogenated cottonseed oil.

Original Crisco has four grams of trans fat per tablespoon. Completely hydrogenating oil -- a process that changes the chemical composition of vegetable oil by using heat and a metal catalyst -- eliminates trans fat but makes a fat that is so hard it is impossible to cook with. To soften it up, the makers of Crisco blend it with sunflower and soybean oil."

Reference: San Fransisco Chronical, May 26, 2004

Interesterified oils are a new substitute for trans fats which has been reported to raise blood glucose and depresses insulin in humans. It has also been found to depress the good cholesterol levels just like it's predecessor.

These fats have been formulated to make them more solid, less liable to go rancid and a good condidate for deep frying.

Reference: Wikipedia

Two things to keep in mind in considering these foods.

  1. They are not a food. They are synthetic.
  2. The foods they are in are usually considered unhealthy for other reasons.

I have learned over the last 40 years not to trust the chemical food industry to have health in mind when they are creating new foods. Continue to review this site and adopt your own view of these matters. We do have a choice and from my experience, real food does a lot more to helping you live a healthy happy life. I will avoid foods with the trans fat substitutes as well as foods containing trans fats.


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