Top Superfoods

Here's my new list (March 2013) of top superfoods since I last made this list in November 2011. Some you'll recognize and some are new just because of the remarkably high quality.

Have you ever seen a mix of colorful beans like this before. What this means to me and maybe to you?

  • Good and hearty meat replacement (non GMO)
  • Economical protein source
  • I've been maintaining muscle mass even when missing a week or more of exercise - I am astounded to see this at age 71

Heirloom Beans Variety

The quality of the food has been lost over the last 100 years here in the USA due to change in agriculture techniques. Finding foods that have been grown, harvested and processed as they were over a hundred years ago, brings out the nutrients that should have always been there.

For example we find one of a kind bean in packages. We've been finding them in our grocery stores for years this way. They are grown separately as well.

When I found these beans, I just had to try them. And... yes, I place them into the category of a Superfood. They are unique as a unit of many colorful beans that act as a complete protein source. Please note: I have not had them analyzed to see what their amino acid content is. I do eat a wide variety of seeds, nuts, rice protein powder and spirulina that are maintaining a good balance of amino acids throughout the day.

The point here that impresses me - I'm holding on to muscle without daily exercise after adding these beans to my diet. I still want to do my exercises but I'm not in such a state now where I lose muscle if I don't.

Best Source for NEW Superfoods

Just a note on why Sunfood... I recently re-discovered them as a leader in locating NEW superfoods. They are providing easy to understand information about most of their products. At least the one's that I have been interested in.

Sunfood has been around for sometime. But... the company changed hands, now no longer owned by David Wolfe the original founder.

I watched the company for about a year after I learned about the change in ownership to determine what this change would mean to the quality of the products. I am extremely happy to say, I feel it is even better and they are less expensive since the new ownership.

So What are These NEW Top Superfoods?

Here's what I have so far. I've been using these Spirulina Crunchies and the Sacha Inchi products and will be writing something up soon. But for now here's the list.

  • Spirulina Crunchies (also called Spirulina Nibs at Sunfood) - Spirulina contains many nutrients that support the immune system.

    "A 1993 study in Belarus on children affected by the Chernobyl nuclear disaster showed that in just 20 days taking five grams of spirulina per day resulted in a 50% reduction of Cesium-137 in their systems." Read more at the Sunfood website.

  • Maqui Berry - Compared to blueberries, Maqui is 20 times higher on the ORAC scale (measurement of antioxidant activity). Be sure and read more at Sunfood - it's an amazing berry that has been a secret for centuries and should definitely be included as one of the top superfoods.

    "Maqui Berry (Aristotelia Chilensis) was a major source of strength and considered a key reason for why they were never overtaken by conquistadors and the Incan Empire." - More at the full description on the Sunfood website.

  • Sacha Inchi Oil and Protein Powder - The Oil is very, very light and said to "visibly reduce wrinkles" when applied topically (has many nutrients for the skin. I'm testing this, so we'll see. But... even if my wrinkles continue on, my skin definitely loves it. And it goes a long way.

    The Protein Powder is said to be 60% protein. So I've measured out 14 grams and it's about 2 tablespoons. I didn't start with that, only about 1/4 to 1/2 a teaspoon. The taste is odd and it's grainy. But it likes my hair, more manageable and shiny. There's a lot to know about this, so try it, or stay tuned for more information as I test various amounts and combinations with other foods.

    You can read more information at the Sunfood website, And more Sachi Inchi products can be found at Amazon.

    Amazon has roasted Sacha Inchi nuts. Since roasting will destroy a lot of their precious nutrients carried in fatty acids, you won't really find them to be one of the top superfoods. But you might try them if you are into roasted snack type nuts. I couldn't find any raw Sacha Inchi nuts, just the Protein Powder and the Oil.

  • Chlorella - Organic, Raw and Kosher - This is not a new superfood but it's been processed using a better method. I've never been drawn to Chlorella until I discovered them at Sunfood. Chlorella was observed to assist in the elimination of uranium, cadmium and lead after the nuclear explosion in Japan.

    This product comes in tablet form but the processing is so gentle without fillers that you can chew them. One review I read indicated a growing likeness to them over a 4 or 5 day period and they became their favorite snack.

Since this great sale on these top superfoods lasts for only three days (November 26, 27 and 28, 2011) I wanted to give you a heads up if you are so inclined to try any of them at reduced prices. In fact, there are various discounts on their products throughout their entire website.

Top Superfoods That have Been Around for Awhile

These top superfoods have made a noticeable change in our ability to stand up to stress. We've maintained a better outlook on life even during the difficulites our world has been in since the 9/11 event.

Discover more to see if you want to add them to your healthy food list...

  • Raw Organic Cacao - our # 1 Top Superfoods item... We were cautious about starting with this when we heard that chocolate could be good for you. I tried the more processed, supposedly raw chocolate treats first and found their sweetners were causing me problems. I found they weren't totally raw or from the highest quality cacao beans either.

    So I did more research and found the best raw ingredients. Then began developing my own raw chocolate treats. I'm now hooked but it's so great because these ingredients are truly what the body uses to build from.

    You can learn a lot more by going to our Cacao Beans page.

  • Raw Organic Hemp Seed - Many years ago, I found hemp seed at a health food expo, got samples and didn't like them. Perhaps it was the manufacturer... I don't remember exactly why but they were not appealing to me.

    Now they are one food on our top superfoods list that I eat every day and have been for the last 5 years. I'm talking about the actual shelled hemp seeds, not hemp protein or hemp seed oil. They are unusually high in easily digested protein, fats (the good kind), plus very high in natural vitamin E complex and iron.

    We actually use it in our breakfast drink and in our homemade raw organic salsa. These seeds are said to be 33% pure digestible protein. And they have a wonderful nutty flavor. This food has definitely helped us to reduce our expenses in the nutritional supplement department.

    We get the best buy from Amazon where we've been buying the 3 lb size and freeze it. Then we take a little out each day. It's very economical when you buy in bulk - you can buy this in the 5 lb size as well. But the 3 lb size seems adequate for our budget.

  • Raw Organic Maca - This is one of our top superfoods because of it's adaptogenic qualities. You can learn a lot more about these qualities by going to our Maca Root page.

    This is one that is recommended to go off for five days out of the month. It has an influence on the male and female hormones as well as a lot of other body parts. But the male/female hormones seem to need a break from the nutritive factors in this particular superfood.

  • Raw Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil - this type of coconut oil has been around for centuries but our industrial age chose not to use it correctly. It's a wonderful oil in this raw state. The smell is heavenly and definitely antimicrobial. I wouldn't have thought of it as belonging on our Top Superfoods list until after I read David Wolfe's "Superfood" book.

    I began doing more research on this and I can now see why. I've been testing on my teeth and gums. So far, it feels like the bad bacteria can be kept under control throughout the day by eating a little bit after each meal when brushing is a problem. I've added a little marine phytoplankton (essentially tasteless mixed in this) to boost the minerals.

    I'll be writing more about this wonderful coconut oil so stay tuned through our RSS Feed found on the menu to your left or by subscribing to our Blog Updates.

  • Aloe Vera - Actual Leaves Grown Sustainably - Aloe has been sold commercially in bottles for many years but I was not aware that the actual leaves were sold until I found them on the Sunfood website.

    There's a lot more nutrition in the gel of the leaves than I was able to get from the bottle. Both Glen and I eat a little every day before each meal. I use to put it in our morning drinks but after doing a bit of experimenting, I found there's more power in the nutrition when eaten by itself.

    My sister, actually began eating it by itself first. I introduce many of my special "treasures" to her to test. She raved about this aloe and told me she never wanted to be without out. I buy a case of 12 at a time and split it with her.

    I'll be writing more about this soon. If you want to try it out, go to the Sunfood link above and search for Aloe Vera. They are sometimes out of stock so you may have to check back.

  • Spirulina - Pesticide Free - Spirulina has been around for a long time and one of the top superfoods, but not always the highest quality. We use to buy it in bulk (powdered form) when we lived in Carpinteria back in 1983. We also bought the tablets to avoid the taste. (It really doesn't have the best taste or smell. But it's nutrition is stellar!

    We moved on to the "Healthforce" brand a number of years ago, and would put about a teaspoon in our morning drink. At times, we got up to two teaspoons. It just depended on what we mix it with. The taste was still a little difficult to hide but by mixing this and that, I got it tamed down a bit.

    I've since moved on to Spirulina Crunchies as mentioned above. It's the best!

  • Marine Phytoplankton - Naturally Harvested from Ocean - The kind I buy is very inexpensive but it wasn't always that way. I first came across it from an network marketing company. They mixed it in with other ingredients. It was a great product but pricey.

    I dropped off and went for over a year before I found another company providing a different version of it. It's called "Oceans Alive Marine Phytoplankton." This is an excellent product, but it was more expensive than what I was buying before.

    Another marine phytoplankton product coming from the same person that was selling it to the network marketing company is now also selling it through another company. Nothing added and a lot less expensive.

    The name, just "Marine Phytoplankton" by Umac-Core. It's being sold in a lot of places and the price is very affordable.

    The Oceans Alive and the Umac-Core are NOT the same. I got value from each one so I suggest you buy what your budget can afford as a start but eventually try both of them and see for yourself. I actually trade off throughout the year and feel I get the best value.

    Amazon has both kinds of Marine Phytoplankton for the lowest price that I've found so far.

    In my opinion, they both deserve to be on the top superfoods list because they have so many nutrients supporting the overall health of the body. The Umac-Core has a big plus due to being different with each season, so you get more of a variety throughout the year.

    The Ocean's Alive contains chlorophyll which Umac-Core does not. They are definitely different.

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