The Patch - Healthy Foods in Clearwater

by Karen
(Clearwater, FL)

I'm very fortunate to be so close to a health food store here in Clearwater, Florida. They have a very good selection of organic fruits and veggies; most of them have been shipped in from California and occasionally you can find their own home-grown locally.

It's a bit pricey to buy these products but I personally will not buy produce that is sprayed. I would love to have my own garden but as I live in a condo, that is not possible.

I do have friends though who are creating their own organic tomatoes and cabbage in the earth boxes and they are yummy! You can really notice the difference when they are fresh picked right out of the garden.

What is an Earth Box?

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Thanks for Introducing the Earth Box
by: Janis

I never heard of an earth box until you mentioned it here. Since then, I've learned a lot more.

I want to move to a place where I can grow an earth box garden on my patio. I found out that commercial agriculture has started using them. This is so exciting because it cuts costs while helping improve our environment. This is done by not running tractors or using harmful pesticides that leach into our water systems.

I've since posted an article that has a couple of great movie trailers and a video on how the earth box is being used in commercial agriculture if anyone is interested.

Just go to the Site Map and look for "Healthy Unhealthy Foods" close to the bottom. It's in the category under "Unhealthy Foods" - these trailers are impacting. You don't want to miss them.

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