Taking Chia with Medication...

by Marylynne


I take 80 mg Asprin and I'm on high blood pressure medication is it good to take chia seeds? If yes how much can I take? Why I ask and concern is only because I've been doing research on Chia seeds and came across an article that said if you are on Asprin/high blood pressure medication you should not be taking Chia seeds. Any feedback is much appreciated. Thank you. Marylynne


Thanks for writing Marylynne. I do understand your concern. This is not an area I am trained in to provide you with advice as far as taking chia with your medications.

I can suggest that you gather information about chia seeds and ask your doctor. If your doctor is not interested in helping you with diet, you might look for another doctor who has such an interest.

Gathering more information about high blood pressure and what causes it may also be of value when you address the subject with your doctor.

I do hope this helps.



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