by Larry
(Virginia Beach)


I would like your thoughts or feedback about this product that is All natural with no preservatives or Msg, soy or artificial flavors or sweeteners, that i have just begun taking its called natraburst and it has a number of superfoods in it. What are the thoughts on superfoods and their usefullness/effectiveness?


Natraburst is a new product to me. I have not tried it. It sounds fine from your description, but I would do a lot of research to see what other people are saying.

It's also very important to determine what kind of people are manufacturing it. Are they doing it because they want to help people for real, or are they wanting to make a big profit.

I do like superfoods and try them out individually to see how my body responds to them. I usually find I can get benefit from a new superfood for a period of time and then it levels off.

Here's something I have observed for myself. I can be deficient in a particular nutrient and a particular food will handle the deficiency, sometimes quickly and sometimes it will take years. Once handled, I may not need more of a particular nutrient for some time.

On the other hand, I have found there are a lot of foods that are needed routinely on a daily basis. There are excellent combinations of foods in various products.

I do pay attention to food combinations all in one product. I also make it a practice to muscle test foods before preparing a meal. I want to see how my body will respond.

Sometimes I end up eating a particular food or food product combination for a short time, while others, I can eat for years.

You just have to try foods out after you do your research and see for yourself. Everyone really is different when it comes to food.

Thanks for asking.

- Janis

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