Superfoods - What Are They?

(Updated 11-17-2009) Superfoods shouldn't be mistaken just as "nutrient dense foods" - I did this myself and when searching the Internet, I found a lot of information creating confusion.

We've sorted it out for ourselves. Here's what we found for you to evaluate.

Healthy Food or Herbal Medicine?

From our research, the term "Superfood" surfaced during David Wolfe's crusade on changing the worlds nutrition to a much higher quality.

He has been the leader in locating these foods around the world and bringing them to the United States and to the World.

I think it fitting that we use his description found in his book "Superfoods" and let you be the judge.

"Superfoods comprise a specific set of edible, incredibly nutritious plants that are not entirely classifiable as foods nor are they entirely classifiable as medicines (such as herbs)."

When I started investigating these foods introduced to us by David Wolfe, I began seeing they really are in a class of their own.

Superfoods - A New Class of Foods!

I've done a lot of research on healthy food and only a little on herbal medicine. This is a new adventure and very enlightening.

I highly recommend his book to you which can be found at Sunfood Nutrition. Just search for "Superfoods" - you'll find it.

Top Superfoods for You to Investigate...

In David Wolfe's book, he introduces more than what I have here. These are the one's that we have been using consistently over the last few years. We also look for the highest quality. As these foods have become more popular, there is more competition with lower quality choices.

  • Raw Organic Cacao
  • Raw Organic Hemp Seed
  • Raw Organic Maca
  • Raw Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Sustainably Grown Aloe Vera
  • Spirulina - Pesticide Free with Low Temperature Processing
  • Marine Phytoplankton - Naturally Harvested from Ocean

You can learn more about them by going to our Top Superfoods page. We have definitely integrated into our daily diet.

Benefits of Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

  • Very little stored as body fat
  • Antimicrobial which supports the immune system
  • Easily digested and converted to usable energy by the body
  • UV radiation protection qualities
  • Supports strong bones and teeth
  • Supports beautiful skin and hair
  • Supports normal functions of the kidney, bladder, pancreas, prostate, liver, heart and more

Why Eat This New Class of Foods?

We went to these new foods due to the low nutrition found in the foods grown in our country, even the foods grown organically or sustainable.

We eat a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, grass fed bison, sustainable and wild caught fish, plus a lot more.

I used to consider what we were eating to be super foods, because they were really nutrient dense. But... they did NOT contain what we were still missing to meet the stresses in life, whether these stresses came from economic suppression or an abundance of toxic chemicals in our water and air.

Our nutrient dense foods are actually superior foods to those found in a conventianal grocery store. But... after reading David Wolfe's book, I see that there is a difference between our "nutrient dense foods" and this "new class of foods." And from my experience, both are definitely needed for good nutrition.


  • "Superfoods" by David Wolfe
  • "The Coconut Oil Miracle" by Bruce Fife and Jon J. Kabara
  • "Virgin Coconut Oil, How It Has Changed People's Lives, and How It Can Change Yours!" by Brian Shilhavy and Marianita Jader Shilhavy
  • "Discover the Key to Vibrant Health" by Siegfried Gursche
  • "Coconut Oil in Health and Disease"
  • "Coconut: In Support of Good Health in the 21st Century"

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