Super Supplements - Why Take Them?

Super supplements have found their way into our home and I wouldn't be without them. Here's why you might want to consider some.

  • They contain a large variety of superfoods in small quantities.
  • The body has many parts all requiring specific nutrients so they actually have a better chance of getting the right nutrition during the same meal allowing the body to feel satisfied and operate better.
  • The good ones are so well balanced with nutritious foods that you would have to spend a lot of money trying to stock your cabinets and then may not have enough room.
When you find a good one, you don't want to let it go. If it agrees with you, that's it. Here's our choice for the best green drink we've found. We've been using it for over four years now.

Make a Monster Energy Drink!

When you select a super supplement containing a large variety of nutrients to create an energy drink, you are able to nourish every cell in the body. You are giving them what they each specifically need.

It's amazing what happens to you when you eat a large variety of nutrients at the same time. You are getting real energy food. This equates to a real "monster energy drink" and I'd like to show an example of that.

Here's an extraordinary feat performed by four people in this video. Watch it to the end. The part I want you to see is in the last half, although it's all very interesting.

Amazing Strength from Energy Food

Super Supplements Help Provide Healthy Fast Food

When you are in a hurry and don't have time to prepare or eat a well balanced meal, you can use various highly nutritious supplements to add to your quick-to-fix foods.

Everyone has different fast food meals. If you just add this simple, high energy drink LiquaDrive shown in the video above, you'll definitely feel a lift. It's easy and fast and will get you into action again, or keep you there.

How Many Nutrients are Enough?

Without super supplements, it can be difficult to get enough in today's world. The answer:

  • When you feel well fed!
    It's not quantity that makes you well fed, it's the small amounts of many nutrients to satisfy the variety of cellular activities in the body
  • Ready to go into action.
    This is not a hyper-type action but a good overall awake feeling, ready and able to have the body participate in the activities you choose.
  • Avoid the following:

  • Overfed and still hungry.
    This comes from missing some nutrients you really should have gotten.
  • Tired and ready for a nap.
    This comes from an impalance of carbohydrates. proteins and fats which is another important part of eating but coverered elsewhere. Take a look at The Zone: A Dietary Road Map....

Have you ever seen a house plant droop from lack of water? Give it water and within a short time, it's perked up and ready to meet the sun! Every cell in your body is just like that house plant when it comes to nutrition. There are certain nutritional requirements that need to be met and when met, they come alive.

I am talking about a variety of nutrients here that could be in the hundreds. I have a few super supplements on my shelf and take them as needed. The conclusion I have come to from what I have personally experienced over the last 40 years is simply this - variety is key to good sound nutrition.

Go to Arkadia's Choice for our review of products we have personally tried and highly recommend.

Please feel free to email me if you have questions or comments. I am always happy to respond.

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