Sunfood Nutrition™ - Lakeside

by Janis Ihrig
(Publisher of Natural Healthy Eating)

Sunfood Nutrition™

1830 Gillespie Way, Suite 101
El Cajon, CA 92020

This company is also mail order in case you are out of California.

I've watched this company grow up on the Internet for more than 10 years now. They bring the highest quality foods in from all over the world. There's some foods that I won't buy anywhere else (unless Sunfood is out of stock for very long). It does happen and I have had to think ahead and stock up when I remember the season is ending for a particular food soon.

This is where I buy my Certified Raw Organic Mesquite, Cacao Beans, Nibs, and Powder. I always look here for new products to try out as well. I you are looking for Cacao, just use their search tool. Sometimes you have to press "enter" twice.

Something else you should know if you purchase any raw cacao. This really is the reason why Sunfood has the highest quality. I've tried many raw cacao products and have always noticed the difference. But this tells you why...

Taken from the Sunfood Nutrition™ website - found on any of their cacao product pages, just scroll down to the bottom.

"All sales of Sunfood Nutrition™ cacao products support indigenous farmers in Ecuador. To supply our quality, raw, unfermented, organic cacao and products made from this cacao, we pay each farmer 25% more than the price for regular, organic cacao in Ecuador.

"We have also been helping to fund the growth of infrastructure and irrigation on each farm to ensure quality cacao to our customers and to allow each farm to increase production (and therefore increase income).

"Also, at the processing location, where cacao butter is pressed and cacao powder is separated (amongst other things), we help provide education (regular courses on health, sanitation, etc.) and higher than standard salaries to all the workers.

"Your support of our cacao products supports efforts to plant an additional 1,000,000 cacao trees in Ecuador."

So there you have a portion of the story why I buy from Sunfood. You can click on the link below and investigate their site for yourself.

Sunfood Nutrition™



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