Special Superfoods

This Special Superfoods page has been created for a specific reason. I wanted to point out to you that one company's super food is not the same as another's. In fact some actually don't even come close to being what is talked about.

There's one organ in the body that has been neglected nutritionally, which when provided adequate nutrients, can provide support for important and critical bodily functions such as:

  • brain function
  • memory
  • neurological function
  • cellular repair
  • assimilation and absorbtion of nutrients from regular food
  • digestion
  • cardiovascular function
  • metabolism
  • balanced blood sugar
  • hormonal function
  • bowel movements
  • detoxification process

This organ is called the hypothalamus located in the brain.

This Superfood Tops All Others!

Why? It seems to contain more nutrients than any other superfood I've encountered and the nutrients are easily assimilated.

What a win to discover this food! Glen, my husband, actually found it and got me interested in it. This is a very basic food that can replace all your vitamin supplements over time due to the variety of superior nutrients it contains. I've run into a lot of very special superfoods over the years, but when I found this one, I knew I'd reached a whole new level of nutrients found in a food.

The research that went into this particular food extended over 40 years and the results are astounding. If you'd like to know more, you can watch the two videos and/or get the free e-book on down this page.

It's called "Awakening the Genius Within" and the "Genius" refers to your hypothalamus organ. This is the part of your brain that monitors and regulates your entire endocrine system on a cellular level. The hypothalamus has not been receiving it's fair share of nutrition in our food supplies for many generations.

I find this nutrient dense food to be basic to all the other special superfoods.

By understanding how the hypothalamus can be changed by this basic food, you will gain understanding of how to improve your physical well being. We are given a lot of excellent foods during these times while being inundated with so many toxic elements in our food, water and air. With this basic food, I have found all the other excellent foods I eat begin to make a difference.

Consider Living or... Dying

The first part of this video paints a pretty dismal picture but keep going and you find why this particular man has surpassed all odds in overcoming a very deadly disease that was killing his family over many generations.

It's an amazing story, that is outlined in this first video. You'll get more detail out of the e-book that I will gladly send you - just let me know. Details are at the end of this page.

This next video describes the actual food. It's in a capsule due to the need to maintain the integrity of the nutrients that can be easily reduced in the presence of light and oxygen.

If you have any interest, in this product at all, feel free to email me with any questions you have. There's some information I have acquired over the last two years from both Glen and my getting onto it as a routine. Everyone is different and it's good to know the pitfalls when starting a new superfood such as this one.

Awakening the Genius Within

FREE e-Book: You'll learn more about the hypothalamus and it's relation to the rest of the human body. You'll also find more detail about all the research and miracles Dr. Kiriac produced in the farm animal industry. I've never heard of the miraculous results such as these in addressing sick animals with such simple nutrition.

This is quite a story covering over forty years. I was particularly impressed of his results with millions of chickens recovering from illness. So refreshing to find the truly positive side of research with animals resulting in animals recovering from debilitating or deadly diseases.

Can the nourishing of one single organ in many different life forms bring about such positive results? Perhaps it can but it still needs the help of other wholesome foods - it's not a magic pill. Everyone is different and should always begin new foods with caution. I suggest baby steps when changing one's diet of switching over to any new superfood being promoted.

Just send me your correct email address with "Awakening the Genius Within" in the subject line. If you have questions, please write them down and I'll answer them as best I can.

I personally send these out individually, they are not sent out automatically. You can find my email address at the bottom of this page.

- Janis

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