Smart About Chia

Smart About Chia is an ebook which explains a lot of the mystery's of this tiny little seed. Is it as great as they say. There are answers here for you to ponder. You take away what you can use.

Chia Secrets Discovered

This ebook is in it's final writing. I published an earlier version which is no longer in print. I've discovered a better way to relay information to you in written form that ensures you take away easy to understand information that you can use.

  • How much chia should you eat a day?
  • How do you know where to get the best chia?
  • How's the best way to eat chia?
  • Is chia gel necessary?
  • Is milled or blended chia easier to digest than whole chia seeds?

The Smart About Chia ebook will provide a better look into chia's secrets so you can get more value for your money.

Chia's Kitchen Science

I had been writing about chia seeds on my websites, and I began getting questions. I found I had to look closer for answers. These questions about chia were very different from what I wanted to know. My needs were different.

The more questions, the more research. This went on for several months. Then I began asking Glen (my husband) for help on what was really needed here to provide good answers.

Small Microscope Glen is a technical kind of person and goes about gathering knowledge as if he were a scientist. He seems to have a natural instinct in scientific thinking.

So he began coaching me to find appropriate answers. Here's what a chia seed looks like

Chia Gel Magnified 20X

This picture is looking through the microscope where you can see the little fibers coming out from the seed after being soaked in water. You aren't seeing the whole seed, just the fiber moving out from the seed.

I became a "kitchen scientist" testing and taking pictures of various aspects of chia.

Boy! Did I take a lot of pictures.

Stay tuned for more as I finish up the final stages of "Smart About Chia"



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