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Welcome to "Slide Shows - An Easy Way to Learn" - here you have our first one. This was inspired by one of our favorite stands at the Hollywood Farmers Market in Hollywood, CA.

We'll be finding more pictures to share so stay tuned.

Valdivia Farms

Let's go visit Valdivia Farms...

You can learn more about Valdivia Farms... Take a tour of this friendly farm down in Carlbad, California by clicking on the picture to your right.

There's lots to see, including their packing house preparing heirloom tomatoes for market. Pictures were taken by Cristina Rodriquez.

You can also find them at their roadside stand or farmers markets by going to Valdivia Farms, Carlsbad, California for details.

And... if you like authentic Mexican recipes, check out their Squash Blossom Recipes. "Golden Squash Blossom Crema" is a real prize!

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