RiSoTriene for Energy - A True Story

Here's someone who uses RiSoTriene for energy? RiSoTriene is a great food and I have heard many wonderful stories over the years. I just received this inspiring story from a person who loves it for the energy it gives before running. He said I could share it with you.

"I went to your website and I was reading that you mentioned you tried other rice bran solubles products from other companies. You said they did not measure up.

"I agree, I have bought Risotriene before. The person I bought it through is no longer with Integris. Anyway to make a long story short when I first received Risotriene at my house I felt tired and ready to take a nap. I decided to take a tablespoon full right from the spoon. In ten minutes I was full of energy, in fact I felt like a thoroughbred race horse who wanted to bust out of the barn and run! This is no exaggeration.

"I felt so good I went to my daughter's high school and ran a tough track workout with my daughter and the other runners on the team. I was 42 years young at the time.

"I am now 52 yrs. young. Since then I have bought rice solubles from other companies but it just wasn't the same and it did not do for me what Risotriene from Integris did. So I am going with Risotriene from Integris again, thank God! God bless you in Jesus name! "

"Sincerly Rudy Reynaga"

Thank you Rudy for letting me share your story.

RiSoTriene for Energy is Only One Benefit

We have been using RiSoTriene for years. We discovered it back in 1997, I believe. It was a long time ago. There are so many nutrients contained in the rice bran that it was truly a blessing to have someone come along and find a way to bring the discarded rice bran to us as a food.

Here's an article that will give you a better understanding of what I'm talking about.

Stabilized Rice Bran - Why Eat It?

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