Reading Food Labels
Avoiding Unhealthy Foods

Reading food labels is your first step to avoiding unhealthy packaged foods. It's pretty hard to tell which foods are really nutritious.
Reading Food Labels - Before You Buy
Thousands of supposed healthy foods are being designed, produced and sold these days with profits in mind as their primary focus.

The last concern of some food manufacturers is your health, as evidenced by certain ingredients lumped together under "natural flavors" on the ingredients list.

Real Secrets Discovered - Understanding Food Labels

It's imperative to take the time to understand food labels. If you know their hidden meanings, you will know which are the healthy foods to take home with you. I use to think that the health food stores were on watch so that I could avoid all the unhealthy foods. I found this wasn't entirely true.

The more dubious food products have many different names. This gets really confusing when you are tracking the unhealthy food products so as to avoid them.

MSG - Hidden in Packaged Food Labels -

I had been using a product for over 10 years, thinking it was a "natural" seasoning product. When I was having lunch at work and took out this seasoning, a girl mentioned that it had MSG in it. I couldn't believe what she was saying to me.

MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) is a product that makes food taste better. It has been classed as an excitotoxin in the nutrition circles. It intensifies the taste of foods but there is a tremendous amount of evidence that it causes brain damage and more.

I knew about MSG when I was a teenager. My mother used Accent which contained MSG. This was in the '50's. We quit using it when we learned that it was bad for you.

Going back to what this co-worker told me... "natural flavors" could include MSG. She also told me that "hydrolyzed vegetable protein" contains MSG. Both terms were on the ingredients list of my seasoning. Whoa! I thought I had everything covered. What a shock this was for me!

There's a book I highly recommend, "Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills," which covers food additives such as MSG, Aspartame and NutraSweet. It has well documented information on how these additives have affected health in a negative way.

First Step - Start Reading Food Labels?

Since finding out about natural flavors, I always read the labels of packaged foods. When I'm in a store, and about to buy a new packaged food product, I check the label, right there.

If I don't recognize all the ingredients as safe, I don't buy that product. I will write down the unknown ingredients if I am really interested. Then I look up those ingredients on the Internet when I get home.

Take your first step and start reading food labels.

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