Raw Milk


Do you carry raw cow milk? If not,can you get it?


No, but I know where you can find it.

A great resource - "A Campaign for Real Milk" is a project of the Weston A. Price Foundation. Here's the link to the website. realmilk.com.

Just look for "For sources of Real Milk visit our WHERE pages." and click on WHERE when you get there. Just follow the links and you'll find out where to buy raw milk in the US and other countries.

Since raw milk is not sold legally in a lot of states, there are share holder solutions for people which you can learn about if you are in one of those states.

There's a lot of information there also about commercially sold wholesome dairy products like milk, yoghurt, cheese, butter and cream.

It's good to do your research when buying dairy these days since the majority of commercial dairies do not practice ethical treatment of their cows.

You can learn more about this by going to Factory Farming.

Thanks for asking your questions.



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