Questions About Chia, Hemp and...

by Rainie
(Renton, Wahington)


Which are the best seeds to consume?

Chia or Hemp seeds?

I used to take flax before the above came to be popular.
Now I can not stand flax after I tried chia seeds.

Mostly I want to know how much chia to take & how much water to mix this amount with the night before.

Oh, are the measurements recommended for the whole or the ground chia?



Hi Rainie,

Thanks for getting in touch with your questions.

Which are the best seeds to consume?

I used the chia seeds with the hemp seeds in my protein drink for a number of years. The chia seem to be more helpful to give me energy and keep me full while the hemp seed seemed to give me added wholesome protein. I added them to the Sun Warrior Vanilla Protein Powder with other things.

Right now I use the chia by itself to help hydrate my body and I continue to use about a tablespoon of hemp seed in my protein drink. I find that I change my diet every so often, depending how the body changes and new needs surface. I now eat flax seed crackers which seems to help better elimination. I have found these three seeds each do different things in the body. much chia to take & how much water...

I have used two tablespoons of whole dry chia to ten tablespoons of water. I preferred to use the gel added to my foods rather than the dry. I may have tried a teaspoon of the dry chia in foods without soaking, but did not do this very often, only as a test of some sort.

I have also made some experiments on various brands of chia seeds to see how they respond to soaking in water to make gel. Here a couple of links to other articles that may be helpful to you when you determine how much chia to water when making the gel.

Best Chia Seeds

How Much Gel to Use...

Chia Seed FAQ

I hope this helps you. Please let me know if you have any more questions.



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