Question - Is AZChia Still My Choice?


Have you tried Mila or Salba because they claim to be superior to regular chia seeds? How about other regular brands such as ChiaCo? Or do you still stick with saying that the uncertified, non organic AZChia brand is the best?


Thanks for getting in touch with these questions. I'm going to direct you to three different articles on my website that will answer this first question pretty well.

Mila vs Regular Chia

Chronic Pain - How Much Chia?

If you haven't read my article Chia Seeds which mentions my first encounter to the Chian brand of chia, you'll see the connection to Mila when you read Chia Seed Water Test. (See section of article - "Chia Seed Water Test with Milled Chia")

Chia Seed - Water Test

As for Salba… I have no personal experience with Salba but have read a little about it. I have read it is the Salvia hispanica variety which is the same variety we are buying from Mexico and South America.  

I have read that to create the unique strains of white chia, the white seeds were separated out and cultivated as a "unique" brand. Another white chia seed brand is Benexia. You might want to investigate further to see what you think.

I have purchased the plain white chia and did not take a liking to it. I prefer the standard mix of black with a few white.

My Opinion of the Chia Co brand… I've recommended this brand without trying it because of the farming procedures and locations they grow their chia. They are very good.  

I've just started testing their chia but have more to do. This first batch of seeds I purchased appear to be much smaller than the AZChia. This is just my first impression.  

They did well in the water test which means they hydrated well (1 tablespoon of the Chia Co seeds to 15 tablespoons of very pure water). The gel around each seed seemed to be less gelatinous. Comparing it to the AZChia, AZ was hydrating the same (1 tablespoon chia seeds to 15 tablespoons pure water). But... the AZChia gel was thicker and the seeds seemed larger. I felt like I was getting more substance.

I'll be going through several steps of testing with pictures and will write up the results I find.  

Regarding the AZChia brand… Yes, I am still buying their chia and very happy with it. I know Dr. Coates does not use pesticides and ensures quality farming practices occur. The organic certification seems to be important when you don't know and/or trust the farmers.  

I hope this fills you in with what I know. If you have more questions, please send me another email. I'm happy to respond.



P.S.  Here's a link to the AZChia Store if you want to check out what they carry and their prices.