Protein Rich Foods

Protein rich foods are NOT produced by mainstream agriculture. Reading package labels won't tell you. Reading marketing material may only confuse you.

How do you tell? The following information will help you determine what is truly health building high quality protein.

The Best Protein Foods!

You can learn what the best protein foods are by finding out how they are produced. When you are getting high quality protein in your foods or protein supplements you can feel the difference. They really help you create and maintain a high energy level and mental alertness as long as you don't eat too much at one sitting.

I found a really good source of protein at our local farmers market. This is where I discovered bison. I had no interest in it before then. I was looking for a change of protein. I kept walking by this bison booth and finally stopped by.

I decided to try the bison jerky. I found I didn't like it, but the following week, I tried the patties. After that I became a regular customer.

You can learn all about the Lindner Ranch and why we came to like them so much. They are among the most ethical farmers we've found and they truly care about providing the highest quality bison they can. They provide grass fed bison - raised on grass from start to finish, no grains at all. Be sure to watch the videos, you'll love them!

Why Grass Fed?

You might want to take a minute and compare the grass fed animals with the grain fed. Once you do, you will have a better understanding why we like the grass-fed bison so much.

The quality protein rich foods come from people in the farming and fishing industries who love what they do and know that putting back more elements than have been removed will provide high quality food for many years. These are the people that know how to provide a valuable exchange with society.

Good health food stores can support you in finding quality beef or bison raised completely on grasses. There are many ranches that can be located on the Internet by searching for "grass-fed beef" or "grass-fed bison." And, just so you know, Lindner Bison will ship, so you might look into that as an option.

Where Can I Find Safe Fish to Eat?

You'll find high quality, safe fish at your local health food stores with the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) Logo on the product packages. They may also be in your mainstream grocery stores, just look for the blue MSC Logo.

When you can see who, in the food industry, is behaving ethically and who is not, you'll find it easy to purchase the higher quality protein rich foods. Here's more for you to know about safe fish to eat, where we feel is the best place to purchase and why.

Please feel free to email me if you have questions or comments. I am always happy to respond.

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