Have you ever heard of someone having a sensitivity to pesticides? What were the symptoms?


Thank you for asking. I have had a sensitivity to pesticides. My thyroid gland gives me a warning signal (a sort of hurting sensation) when I encounter the fumes. I just try to avoid all poisons.

If you go to a store and look at the label of a pesticide container for the home, see if you see any of these signs "Caution - Warning - Danger." You'll know that there is some degree of poison inside.

If you smell it even though inside the bottle, you can be sure it is getting into your body through your nose and mouth, even through your skin if exposed to the fumes too long. I don't keep any products displaying those warning signs in my home.

To say what exactly are the symptoms, in my opinion, it really is an individual thing since everyone is different. A person may have a weak area of their body that can be affected when encountering toxins.

Usually, toxins are stored in fat tissue and stay put. But then it's hard for a person to lose the weight. The body is actually protecting itself by storing them. I don't have much fat, so my body seems to store them in my thyroid right away.

I've learned to handle the problem but the best way for me has been to reduce the amount of toxins I'm exposed to.

You'll find more information about pesticides in/on foods by going to my other article on "Unhealthy Foods.".

Please let me know if you still have questions, and I'll see what other information I can provide.

- Janis Ihrig

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