Overweight Chia Tips

"Overweight Chia Tips" was not on my mind when I began writing my answer to the following question.  But the more I pondered the answer over a weeks time, I could see there was a lot to tell you as well as to simply answer the question.  I hope this helps you.


I'm overweight, how do I use these chia seeds?


I have some overweight chia tips to share here.  I'm going to tell you a story that I am publishing in my e-book, Discovering Chia Secrets.  It will be coming out soon, but here's some information that can be of value to you right now.

I have been eating chia for many years, always blending the chia gel in my morning protein drinks.  The only time I was overweight was when I was pregnant and that was many years ago.

Here's what happened to me within the last two years.

2 Tablespoons Chia to 10 Tablespoons Water

I switched over to adding the whole hydrated chia gel after blending my protein drinks. This was a big change from the way I had been doing it. This means I did not blend the hydrated chia gel with my protein drink. The chia gel was added after blending the drink leaving the seeds whole.

The photo on the right shows two tablespoons of chia seeds soaked in ten tablespoons of water. They sat overnight in the fridge and then I would use them for both Glen and I in our protein drinks.

Glen would get about six tablespoons and I would get about four tablespoons of the gel in our protein drinks.

Note: You can use the chia gel 20 minutes after making it but I found the gel becomes fuller and the actual seed becomes softer.

I Went to Fast Food Heaven! 

We increased the Protein Chia Gel drink to three times a day (whole chia - two tablespoons of chia in ten tablespoons of water).  I was busy at the time and liked saving time and money not having to prepare so much food.

Chia Gel for Breakfast Drink

For Breakfast Drink

Chia Gel for Lunch Drink

- for Lunch Drink

Chia Gel for Dinner Drink

- and Dinner Drink

I had reduced my intake of raw vegetables. Not a good idea.  With each meal, I was feeling full and felt like I was getting enough to eat for about two months and then...

Big Warning Sign

I began having physical problems. My teeth hurt, I was tired and I felt like I wasn't getting the nutrition I was used to. My lungs also started feeling congested. I was looking older and thiner.

I’m already a thin person and didn’t need to lose weight. I had lost ten pounds to be exact. Glen also lost ten pounds during this time but he wasn't having as many physical problems as I was having. As I said we are all different.

I was also requiring three and a half to four quarts of pure water a day. At this point, I went off the whole chia gel all together for about a week. Then I went back to the way I was eating before eating the whole chia gel blended in my protein drinks until I was feeling better.

So... Can Chia Help You Lose Weight?

Read the following, and try it.  See if chia can help you. Here's my thoughts...

If I wanted to lose weight, I would want to ensure I am getting all the nutrients I need while losing the excess pounds. I can see, in my case, being full was not a good indicator. It gave me a false picture. Drinking the whole chia gel three times a day was definitely filling me up but not helping me to maintain the structure of my body.

I may have been in "Fast Food Heaven" but the rewards were not as expected.  

Overweight Chia Tip No. 1

Chia is not a replacement for balanced meals over a long period of time.  Adding more wholesome foods contribute more nutrition when eating chia and protein powders and will ensure you maintain a healthy body.

When I began blending the chia gel in my morning protein drink, adding back more fresh fruits and vegetables, and other wholesome foods, I began doing better nutritionally.  

From this, I learned that the whole chia gel added to protein drinks did fill me up and I DID LOSE WEIGHT.  

Overweight Chia Tip No. 2

You can lose weight with Chia Seeds by eating the Chia Gel without blending it.  Just put several tablespoons of the gel into your favorite wholesome protein drink.

You want to add enough chia to your drink to be full so you don't want to overeat or get hungry right away.

Wholesome and fresh fruits and vegetables have been old standbys for effective dieting.  But they do not fill you up.  They digest quite rapidly.  

On the other hand chia seeds, particularly when hydrated into a gel and then added to your favorite protein drink can definitely fill you up.  I found keeping the chia seeds whole in my protein drinks kept me feeling full longer.  This was more effective than blending the chia seed gel into my protein drink.

Overweight Chia Tip No. 3

Eat a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables along with your chia protein drinks.  Here is a list of excellent foods to choose from:

  • Berries like Blueberries, Raspberries, and Blackberries
  • Citrus - Lemons, Oranges, and Grapefruit
  • Super Berries like Acai, Mangosteen, Goji berries and Camu camu
  • Aloe Vera (gel taken directly from fresh aloe vera leaf as a whole food)
  • Tomatoes, particularly heirloom in all their glorious colors
  • Green Leafy Vegetables like Kale, Parsley, Dandelion Greens, Spinach
  • Orange Vegetables like Carrots and Sweet Potatoes
  • Bell Peppers - Green, Red, Orange and Yellow
  • Stabilized Rice Bran
  • Chia Seeds
  • Cacao Beans (also known as cacao nibs and chocolate)

These foods contain "phytonutrients" meaning "plant nutrients" which contain antioxidants.  They help reduce the negative effects of toxic chemicals in our bodies. Chia seeds are on the list but a variety is always more effective from what I've experienced.  

The link below provides easy to understand information about phytonutrients, and a video that will show you how much these toxic-chemicals have increased in our daily living.


Overweight Chia Tip No. 4

Being overweight is not always a food problem. There are other contributing factors.  For instance being exposed to toxic chemicals in the environment or in foods, or drugs that end up being stored in fat tissues or other parts of the body. 

Taking in toxic chemicals on a daily basis while trying to lose weight, may be a losing battle. Try reducing the toxic chemicals you are exposed to.  Look to see if you are buying toxic chemicals unknowingly:

  • Laundry and household cleaners
  • Pesticides and chemical fertilizers used to grow your food
  • Synthetic cosmetics and perfumes
  • Non-filtered water for drinking and bath/shower
  • Household furnishings, paints, flooring, etc.

Using the above list will help you locate the areas needing your attention.  You'll be able to start figuring out how to reduce your toxic chemical load.  Once on this path, you should have better success with the chia protein drinks and wholesome foods.

There is so much information about chia floating around that may or may not be true, much less, true for your unique circumstance. It's up to each of us to determine how our body responds to chia in it's many forms.

This may vary from person to person depending on their activity level and digestive system.  This included what you find on my website.  You must evaluate the information from your own particular circumstances.

I have not found chia to be so nutritious that I can live only on chia. Although I have read instances of the Native Americans doing so for many days.

Overweight Chia Tip No. 5

If you are new to chia, you may want to get used to eating the chia in various ways and develop your own system that will help you lose the weight you desire while maintaining your health.  

Just keep in mind - eliminate questionable foods by looking for foods free of toxic chemicals - look for organic or certified non-gmo.  Farm fresh foods from Farmer's Markets may not be organic but ask if they are grown without pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. 

Here's a link to an impacting video trailer that is a "must-see' to help you have the success you are looking for with chia.  You can do something about it and make a change for the better.

Food Inc.


You can see a list of books that you may not come across easily on the Internet.  It can be helpful to resolve a variety of weight problems.  

On this list is "Chia: The Complete Guide to the Ultimate Superfood" by Wayne Coates.  

Other subjects covered on this list include information on clearing toxic chemicals from the fat cells in a safe manner, and easy excercises that can be done within 10 minutes daily and still get results.  

Book List

For more information about finding the best chia seeds, you can read a summary of my research over the last few years and what I consider is the best brand of chia to buy at this time.

Best Chia Seeds - Why My Choice

If you have questions, please send me an email (see my email address at the end of this page).  I'm always happy to respond.


Janis Ihrig

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