Looking for Organic Food Sources?

Organic food sources - how DO YOU find some near you? (Updated 4-30-10) We'll show you who has organic foods and how to look for them in your area.

It's Spring and time to ensure you find the best organic foods in your area. You'll want to look for local farmer's markets, health food stores, natural food stores, or road side stands. And... then there's even CSA farms. You may even want to plant your own little organic food garden.

What are CSA Farms?

CSA means Community Supported Agriculture.

This is where you are really able to take part in your local farm activities. The CSA farm offers you a share of the food. One share is usually a box of various seasonal foods. You can buy more than one share if you need to.

But all CSA's are not the same. Here's a video where you can see how one CSA works and what goes into their box.

Full Circle Organics

We participated in a couple of CSA's over the years. It was always a wonderful surprise to see what was coming next. We would receive some of the most tasty and healthy vegetables, sometimes even get surprised with wonderful healthy fruits. It definitely depends on the farm. Some have more fruits than others.

Do You Have More CSA Farm Questions?

Here is a link to Tierra Miguel Foundation, where you can get an idea of their prices and schedule, and a lot more.

We show you how to look for a CSA in your area at the bottom of this page.

Try Roadside Stands for Organic Fruits and Vegetables!

You may find some farms that provide fresh vegetables, fruits, and/or nuts by the side of the road. We use to drive through Filmore, California, and pick up great pistashio nuts, watermelons and other healthy foods along the way.

When we lived in Santa Barbara, we had one along the side of the road going from Santa Barbara to Goleta. This was in the 1980's so I'm not sure it's still there. It would be nice if it were. If you live out that way, and happen to know, send me an email.

The roadside stands are not as available as the farmer's markets. You'll find them when you drive out in the country or between towns where people are growing on a small plot of ground.

And... What About Farmer's Markets?

You have a treasure if you have one in your area. I go to the one in Hollywood, California. I purchase most of my fruits and vegetables there, plus bison. They have the raw organic milk, lots of fresh egg stands, goat and buffalo cheeses. Whatever you eat, you're sure to find it there if it's fresh and from the land.

Here's a "behind-the-scenes" view from some people who bring the food to the farmer's market is in Houston, Texas.

Urban Harvest - Bayou City Farmers' Market

Are you ready to find a farmer's market near you?

How Do You Find Organic Food Sources in Your Area?

  • Search Google

    • "your Town or City and State name" + "farmers market"
    • "your Town or City and State name" + "organic food"
    • "your Town or City and State name" + "community supported agriculture"
    • "your Town or City and State name" + CSA
    • your State +"farmers market" +directory

  • Call your local Chamber of Commerce and ask if there is a farmer's market in your area.

  • Go to your phone book Yellow Pages for health food and natural food stores, small markets and even local grocery stores, then give them a call to see if they carry organic foods.

  • Check out Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association

  • And, we are continuing to build an Organic Food Source List for you to look through as well.
If you should come across any organic food sources, we'd love to have you share what you find with our visitors. Just go to Organic Foods and share what you find. There's a simple form to create a page for you to tell your story.

Please feel free to email me if you have questions or comments. I am always happy to respond.

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