Omega 3 - Important to Know

Omega 3 essential fatty acids are critical to good health but it's not an easy task to get them. I thought I could get them from chia seeds but I found out there are significant problems in relying on them as my only source. I'll be going over what I ran into and what to watch for.

Are Chia Seeds an Adequate Replacement for Fish Oils?

About six years ago, spent the three months evaluating the chia seeds as an effective source for the omega 3 essential fatty acids. Are chia seeds really a brain food? I have been very interested in evaluating how the omega's support the nervous system, cardiovascular system, and immune system as I have read some of the existing study results. Are chia seeds helpful in handling inflammation?

I went off krill oil (a capsule containing oil from a very small shrimp-like fish) which I was taking to ensure I was getting the necessary oils for mental clarity. Over those three months I saw a decline in my ability to think clearly. I was not as positive about every day living as well.

More to Learn about these Fatty Acids

I came across a new supplement containing omega 3 fatty acids and I realized I was really not getting what I thought I would get while taking the chia seeds all this time. This new supplement contained fatty acids from the sea instead of from plants on land. I have been learning a lot more about omegas and fatty acids and I became aware that there really is a trick to getting the best value from the food we eat. Particularly when it comes to the omegas.

Just before discovering this new supplement, I went for a walk up a hill. By the next day I was experiencing a considerable amount of pain in my left hip. For the first time in my life I became aware of what inflammation had to do with joint pain and it wasn't pleasant. As I did my research I knew that I was not getting something from the chia seeds to give me any joint pain relief.

From what I'd read, it seems to me that if you are getting enough of the right essential omegas, inflammation and joint pain should be minor. We'll see as time goes on now as I am planning another walk up that hill after I get enough of this oil in my joints to make a difference.

This product was called Moxxor a green lipped mussel extract from New Zealand. It was a network marketing company and I joined and I went on this product for about six months. Both my husband and I did benefit from it. It was expensive to continue and I was not in tune to their networking program so I ended my distributorship.

But I like to pass on this information because I believe it can be of value to people who need to fill a deficiency of fish oil omegas which are not found in ordinary fish oils.

It may be that I could go back to taking Moxxor again for a few months and benefit again. I've been off of this product for about five years. Glen and I were taking about six capsules a day each. I did well walking up hills and thinking more clearly. Everyone is different though so please know your body may have a different use for the Moxxor nutrients than our bodies.

More Omega 3 from the Sea


I decided to supplement my diet with the best salmon I could find. This is excellent salmon that I eat once a week.

I've never been a sushi fan so I bake it at a very low temperature (250 degrees F). I am told low heat does not destroy the omegas but high heat will.

For my purpose, I do not like to eat enough fish to make the difference I'm looking for in curbing the decline of aging. I have read instances where people have had significant success but that was eating it daily the majority of their lives.

I've had to supplement with the salmon or krill oils while continuing to eat high quality safe fish from Vital Choice. Be sure to get the 10% off your first purchase by using the code: VCAFINT during checkout.


This was not even an option for me. I was convinced by a very knowledgeable nutritionist to purchase a high quality can of sardines about 3 years ago. The can is still unopened. I just can't tolerate the smell or looks of this particular fish so, even though they are inexpensive and high in good omega 3 fatty acids, I avoid them like the plague.

But... I'll pass on my nutritionist's recommendation to anyone who CAN eat them.

Conclusion - Fish or Chia?

I get good results from the Krill oil that I take along with the Chia Seeds. At this point I have to say, I see I have no other choice right now, but to rely on fish oil supplements to meet the quality and quantity of omega 3 fatty acids needed for my good health. You may be able to utilize the Omega 3's from Chia Seeds so do evaluate this point for yourself.

Please know that the fish oil supplement industry needs some investigation to insure you get the healthy omega's. I have written another article The Omega 3 Fish Oil Challenge to give you a better idea of what we are up against. I feel confident that Vital Choice has the highest integrity for fish and fish oils on the market today. If you find others of similar quality, that's a good sign and should be shared as well.

I also found a plant source from the Sea for Omega's that looks very promising. I'll be completing some research to see how I do off fish oils while continuing with my chia seeds.

Please feel free to email me if you have questions or comments. I am always happy to respond.

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