The Omega 3 Fish Oil Challenge

The Omega 3 fish oil manufacfacturing industry has not been providing full value for us when delivering these oils to the market. This article should shed some light on this and set a new direction for you when looking for the best.

EPA and DHA - Plus...

There are more essential omega 3 fatty acids needed by the body than just the two or three found in the majority of omega 3 supplements.

If it's not determined and tested by science, it is not put into pill form by the mainstream supplement manufacturers.

This has happened with the omega 3 fatty acids. You will find two omega 3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA, that are contained in leading fish oil supplement products. There are many more fatty acids glossed over and eliminated in the manufacturing process.

Isolated Parts Versus the Complex Whole

This activity of isolating nutrients can be observed in various food supplements. Vitamin E, and Vitamin C, have their stripped down version and their full spectrum version.

During scientific research, nutrients are isolated, and discoveries about them are made. There are supporting nutrients not yet identified or tested. In later years, more discoveries are made and more nutrients are added to their list to be publicized as important.

Note: I am setting apart the actual scientist that is doing the research from the scientific community. The commercial industry hires schools of scientific minds to do the looking and takes what is commercially profitable.

I value the scientist when left alone to do his job and to present his facts in their entirety. Then we can have more truth brought to the surface and be properly evaluated.


  • Vitamin E: Tocopherols and tocotrienols are components of Vitamin E. Alpha-tocopherol was separated out and is still highly promoted as the most essential and supported by the commercial industry.

    I remember when the tocopherols and tocotrienols came on the scene with stabilized rice bran with very positive health results. This brought more importance to Vitamin E as a complex supplement rather than just the isolated version.

  • Vitamin C: Flavenoids also known as bioflavenoids, as opposed to the highly promoted vitamin C or ascorbic acid are just as important for different reasons.

    In the beginning, the flavenoids were looked at as nutrients not really needed since the body could only digest about 5% found naturally in foods. Today, there is a lot more research indicating how important these flavenoids are to health even though they are only needed in small amounts.

Fatty acids are naturally found in foods as a group of fatty acids rather than the isolated few that are dropped into a capsule and sold as essential. The other essential fatty acids fade in importance until science picks them up to isolate and produce more profits for the commercial industry.

How to Choose Omega 3 Fish Oil?

Look for omega 3 fish oil supplements that contain a full spectrum of the omega 3 oils.

I have done a tremendous amount of research to see what is out there and I am finding manufacturing similarities among the majority. Here's the results I came up with.

Fish Oil Supplements - How to Choose

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