Old Town Farmers Market - Scottsdale, Arizona

by Janis Ihrig
(Publisher of Natural Healthy Eating)

Old Town Farmers Market
East 1st Street / North Brown Avenue
Scottsdale, Arizona

Location: The City underground parking facility at the corner of Brown and 1st Street in the Old Town area. They go underground in the summer so check out their website for current directions during the various seasons.

Hours: Saturdays - 8 AM to Noon

You should find a wide variety of organic and pesticide free fruits and vegetables. Also free range beef and free range eggs. There's evidence that you might even find raw organic deserts. You can find photos and more information by clicking the link below.

Scottsdale Old Town Farmers' Market

For up to date information you may contact:

Dee Logan
Farmers Market Support Services
P O Box 14188
Phoenix AZ 85063-4188
Phone: (623) 848-1234

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