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You can find more on chocolate here (updated Dec 20,2010). You'll see articles on chocolate, the cacao beans (which is what chocolate is made from), chocolate recipes made from the raw organic cacao beans, best place to buy, and much more.

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Chocolate Delight Recipe We've been working on this Chocolate Delight Recipe for awhile now and finally added some special coconut butter that turned it into "Wonderful!" The ingredients are all wholesome, made from raw organic cacao nibs, and powder but when we added this coconut butter we went "WOW!" See what you think?

Chocolate Facts - F.A.Q. We've added more on chocolate with this F.A.Q. page. Be sure to ask questions if you don't find what you are looking for. We'll definitely do some research and see what we find.

Cacao Beans - You'll find out where the best raw cacao beans come from, why they are the best and where you can buy them.

Cacao Nibs Recipe This is our very basic Chocolate Treat recipe - the one that kept us going day after day. From this one, we've experimented to come up with our Chocolate Delight recipe which we now use daily because it meets our needs so well and tastes sooooo gooood!

Facts About Chocolate - You'll gain some insight into the good and the bad side of chocolate. These facts may help you understand why it's okay to eat healthy chocolate after being told it was bad for you.

Healthy Chocolate Here we share what we've found by doing a lot of research and what we have personally experienced. You'll have a better idea of why we make our own healthy chocolate treats.

Healthy Chocolate Ingredients - Discover the benefits of eating the healthiest chocolate in the world and what it's made out of. I wasn't able to eat chocolate for years. Now I make my own totally raw, and very healthy, chocolate treat.

How is Milk Chocolate Unhealthy for You? - Just a little more on chocolate to know here... this is an answer to a question I received to give you some points to ponder about eating milk chocolate. Just know that the "milk chocolate" is the name; the ingredients inside, not named or described, are more important to know about.

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