Mila vs Regular Chia


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Have you heard of Mila? At $55 per bag, I am worried that people are paying too much for benefits they can also get from Chia.


Thank you for getting in touch and asking your question.

Yes, I've heard of Mila but have not tried it. Chia quality is important and Mila is suppose to be very high quality. I've been doing a lot of research on finding high quality chia and I've been publishing tips on how to determine good quality.

One High Quality Product is... Or is it?

Rainforest Chia Seeds - a product I had found and had been reviewing . This particular product was laboratory tested and found to be a truly a high quality product per their criteria. I then called them to find out if they test for mold and was told they did - their results have a < 200 CFU/g (colony forming units per gram) which is the allowable maximum standard for this particular category of food.

The company also flushes the container of seeds with nitrogen to ensure potency. I had been (kitchen) testing many packages of chia over the previous year and a half and I found this particular brand to be quite potent. I was impressed!

I recommended this particular product to several people as well as on my website. Please see new data on this product disclosing inconsistent quality. A picture of the Chia Seed Water Test will give you a good example of why you might want to test with water when trying out new packages of chia.

This same article also tells you that you can not do this kind of test on Mila since it is milled.

Blending Whole Dry Chia vs Mila Slicing Technique

The high price of Mila is just not what I want to pay. This is a decision each person should make. Everyone is different and Mila may be just the right product well worth it's price for you.

Mila has a special process to slice the seeds for better nutrition value. I believe this to be true and valuable. Because of the price factor, I don't even bother to try it.

Instead, I have soaked the whole chia seeds to create the chia gel and then blend what I need for my next meal. I found this also improves digestibility and access to nutrients that I'm happy with when I get a good high quality chia.

I am happy with the quality and the price I end up with.

Chia is in High Demand

I concluded a long term research project to test several well known chia seed brands. I realized there were good quality and poor quality chia coming from the same company throughout the year.

After observing this, and talking to various companies, I realized that the demand for chia had increased so much that the reliable companies were having to provide lower quality chia to fill the demand. I continued with my research to find out how to tell the high quality from the poor quality.

One company seemed to deliver consistently good quality chia from season to season while others where having trouble. I published the results which you can find at Best Chia Seeds - Why My Choice? This article will also tell you how to do the chia seed water test.



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