Organic Mesquite Powder
Choosing the Best!

The best mesquite powder (Updated 01-02-2010) should be raw and an organic food to ensure you are getting the most nutrition and the best taste for the money you are investing.

When I first heard of mesquite as a healthy food, I had no idea it was from the pod, including the bean inside. It's definitely not from the wood used to bar-b-que.

The mesquite bean and pod are ground into an edible powder to be used in many ways. I use the mesquite to make chocolate treats and healthy smoothies.

Mesquite is also low-glycemic which means it does not cause sugar spikes after eating. There is actually a slow trickle of glucose over several hours which provides a steady stream of energy to keep you going.


Organic Mesquite Powder


Sunfood Nutrition

Love Street Living Foods

Why Best Value:

  • High levels of Lysine Amino Acid

    Benefits of lysine:

    • helps calcium absorption
    • helps to build collagen for bones, cartilage, ligaments and tendons
    • assists immune system to produce antibodies
    • needed in the production of hormones and enzymes
  • Lysine is found in animal foods but is destroyed by heat so using mesquite powder as a source of lysine added to other raw protein foods is a huge benefit to your health.

  • Highest protein content about 16% - 17% by weight - where other sources are much lower
  • Raw, certified organic
  • Smooth texture which helps to thicken chocolate treats or smoothies

My opinion - I love the smoothness and flavor from these two sources for my chocolate recipe.

Where to Buy: (Updated January 2, 2010)

You can order the Peruvian Mesquite directly from Sunfood Nutrition.

Right now Sunfood Peruvian Mesquite is a finer grind than Love Street but Love Street is less expensive. The finer grind results in a smoother chocolate treat.

The Peruvian Mesquite can be ordered from Love Street Living Foods.


With these two sources, I will not be adding more unless I find the availability has changed. I have tried other sources from Peru but they seem to be inferior.

If you locate mesquite in your local health food store, check to see if it is raw and what the protein percent amounts to. I have seen some as low as 7%. You will miss out on the benefits of lysine and added protein, and my guess the mineral content will be lower as well.

Please feel free to email me if you have questions or comments. I am always happy to respond.

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