Marine Phytoplankton or Brown Kelp
Which is Best?

Trying to determine which is best, marine phytoplankton or brown kelp? It's better understood when you know what they do to support the body.

Here's some of what I can say about their differences.

Marine Phytoplankton

The marine phytoplankton exists as tiny little microscopic single cells. They are very similar in composition to human plasma. Plasma is another word for protoplasm. Here's a good definition:

Protoplasm - 1. a complex translucent colorless jelly regarded as the physical basis of all living matter and life functions. - Reference:
The marine phytoplankton ends up working in the human body on a cellular level. They are composed of such a variety of nutrients, they end up supporting all the various parts of the body that are crying out for help. These nutrients go everywhere they are needed which includes the brain cells.

Brown Kelp

I know the brown kelp provides nutrients that support the thyroid. One such nutrient is iodine. When the thyroid gland gets both iodine and the amino acid, tyrosine, it is able to produce it's vital hormones. These hormones assist the cells of the body to convert oxygen and carbohydrates into energy.

Another valuable component of brown kelp is alginate. The alginate makes up a part of the brown kelp cell structure. The body uses alginate to bind with heavy metals and safely eliminate them. This action also helps to support the bodies immune system.

Marine Phytoplankton or Brown Kelp?

To say which is the most important of the two? They have to be evaluated on an individual basis. I take the marine phytoplankton for many months at a time, then find I don't need it for some time. Same with the brown kelp found in Ocean Plant Extract. I need it to support the body for some time and then I don't need it for awhile.

My thoughts on why these supplements work this way for me is this. We are living in a chemical world. Many chemicals tear down various parts of the body when exposure occurs. My body has to go through a repair cycle. When it's repaired, I continue along on my maintenance program only. I have various foods I use on my maintenance program and can discontinue the supplements until needed again.

The more you can understand about the various foods and supplements that can act as repair components and maintenance foods, the easier it is to keep the body active and useful in everyday living.



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