Live Raw Food - Is it Good for You?

Live raw food can be good for you and some can be bad. You need to make sure you eat the food grown using good farming practices. On land we have the small farmers. Those that are ensuring the care of their land includes a good variety of minerals and microorganisms will have high quality food. In the ocean we have the ethical fisheries taking care to see that the community of living organisms are flourishing.

The food chain is something I learned in grade school but our conventional farming practices seem to disregard it. I'd like to reintroduce it.

There's some very basic information on my Food Nutrition Facts page to read for more detail. Here is an overview to the value of live raw food.

Microorganisms - the "Critical" Factor!

All forms of life are made up of basic protein nutrients. The fruits, vegetables, meat, fish... all foods that we eat contain some amount of protein.

Those foods grown using pesticides, and genetically modified organisms, (plus the foreign-to-species type foods, for fish and animals), will not have the nutrient integrity to provide the kind of health I am demanding.

High quality proteins begin with microorganisms in the soil and the sea. These microorganisms need a wide variety of elements to reproduce in abundance. These elements come from the soil, the sea, the air and from decaying plant life. Organic farmers practice the art of maintaining their soils with abundant organic matter providing a supportive environment for healthy microorganism growth.

In the ocean, ethical fisheries practice good stewardship of the sea and ensure the fish are thriving and reproducing in abundance so we don't deplete natural resources.

Protoplasm is Basic to Food Nutrition

When all elements are present and accessible, microorganisms flourish and are "high protein food" for new plant life. These high quality proteins, also known in the old school as protoplasm, continue right on up the food chain, from plant… to animal… to humans.

Protoplasm contains enzymes of such a large variety that the receiving plants and animals or fish end up vigorous and robust, able to withstand disease resulting in a higher quality of life.

Enzymes Thrive on a Large Variety Minerals

The superiority of our live raw food comes from their diversity of high enzyme content. This high enzyme content depends on the grand variety of minerals and trace minerals. When reduced to only a few, the enzyme activity also reduces and the nutrient density of the food declines.

Any part of the food chain that drops out this consideration of enzymatic activity will result in a decline in health for the living organism. There are thousands of life processes within the human body that enzymes contribute to. When they are missing over a long period of time, cells do not rebuild and aging results.

Live raw foods are an excellent way to utilize the high enzymatic quality. Cooking will destroy the enzymes and you reduce the results of your investment.

Factory Farms and Fish Farms

We are facing a decline in sound food nutrition. If you know more about these farms, you will, no doubt want to look elsewhere. If you are wanting healthy living foods, continue reading the information on this site and follow the links. You may gain the understanding you are looking for.

Here are some pages you can get more detail on regarding the farming practices you want to avoid.

Much of this site is about live raw food that is really good for you. Even if you choose to heat the foods, just locate good quality plant enzymes for better digestion.

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