Lead-free Chocolate Question

by Lee


Did you have any information about Theo chocolates? They have a single origin chocolate, with cacao beans from Costa Rica. They process their organic cacao beans here in the US (Seattle, Wa.). Thank you.


Thank you for asking your question. I have no personal information about the Theo chocolate. Since receiving your inquiry I have now visited their website and find it helpful.

I also, sent them an email about having lead in their chocolate, but received no response. I then called them and was told their scientist was sent my email and would be responding. I never received an answer. This doesn't say it has or does not have lead. It could mean they have not asked for any certification of that.

I am pleased to see their basic business principles in fair trade, sustainable and their factory is here in the United States.

I see that they roast the nibs before using and for a lot of people this is important. I prefer my chocolate to be truly raw and to make my own chocolate treats. But we are all different with different tastes.

They do have some products that contain sugar, but I see also, that they use non GMO corn syrup which is a plus. Also, they seem to be focusing some on the more health minded without sugar, so you should look around really well if you care.

If you want to learn more, you can read their story at the Theo Chocolate website.

You can also go to Sunfood and take a look at their chocolate products which are very high quality as well.

I did check with them several months ago to see if their raw cacao products were certified lead free. I was told they were over the phone but when I received a copy of their certificate, it did not have the test noted. When I questioned that, I was told they don't put it on when lead isn't found. In 2008, they were putting the heavy metals test results on their certification even if nothing found, so I'm not sure what is happening on testing these days.

I would also invite you to go to my article Why Eat Chocolate?. I went for years without eating chocolate and finally found out how I can eat it regularly with no problems.

Hope this helps.

- Janis

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