Is Blending Chia Seeds To Powder Okay to Eat?

by Clare
(Savannah, MO )


Do I have to "gel" chia seeds? I have been putting them in a blender, turning them into a powder. My question is, should I eat the whole seeds or is it ok to turn them into powder? Thanks!


Hi Clare,

You don't have to "gel" the chia seeds. You can also blend them into a powder. Here's three precautions to take though.

  1. About 30 minutes before you eat the chia seed powder, drink a glass of water. Chia seeds really love water and you want your body to have enough as it goes through the digestive system.

  2. Chia seeds contain Omega 3 fatty acids and they oxidize when exposed to heat. If you grind your own chia and it heats up, you may lose some of the Omega 3 fatty acids. Take care when blending to avoid over heating. Keep in refrigerator until use. Use up within a few days to get the most nutrition.

    "Oxidation rate of the ALA in chia seed is increased if the grinding process increases the temperature of the material during processing. This is particularly important since oxidation begins slowly, then increases rapidly, so once it has started, degradation becomes an ever increasing concern." Ref: "Baking with Chia Seeds" AZChia.

  3. The Omega 3's in Chia are also exposed to oxygen when ground or milled. They do contain natural antioxidants which could keep them from oxidizing. Here's something else from AZChia.

    "Grinding the seed opens it up and increases the surface area exposed to the air. This is beneficial in terms of increasing the bioavailability, but also has the propensity to increase oxidation. Still ground chia seed is very stable, unlike flaxseed, and this is verified by the fact that the Aztecs traded in chia seed as well as chia flour." Ref: "Baking with Chia Seeds"

You can learn more about AZChia by going to Best Chia Seeds - Why My Choice.

More to come on this subject but for now I hope this gives you a pointer or two.



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