Increased my activity - cut out soda - don't seem to be losing any weight ?


I have increased my activity and cut out soda and junk food all together and i dont seem to be losing any weight ? ( drank 1 to 2 cans a day and didnt eat much junk food may be on weekends )


Sometimes weight hangs on because the little fat cells are doing something to help the body function better.

When the body is exposed to toxic chemicals, they have to be nullified in some way by the body's systems so they don't circulate in the blood which has to be kept really clean. One place they end up is in fatty tissue and various organs.

There are many weight loss programs out there but this one underlying factor can keep the weight from coming off and/or staying off.

Cleaning Materials - Look around in your home and see if you have cleaning materials with the words, CAUTION, WARNING, or DANGER on the label. If so, find safe replacements for them. The fumes go right into the body to be dealt with.

Personal Care Products - Even cosmetics, tooth care products, skin soaps and creams contain toxic chemicals that get into the body and get lodged in the cells... Find the type that are safe for the body.

There's a video on my Phytonutrients page that provides more about this. Click the link and scroll down to watch it.

Commercially Grown Foods containing toxic chemicals from synthetic fertilizers and pesticides can be a hidden factor. Switch to organic foods or sustainably grown foods.

See Unhealthy Foods for more information on this.

Hope this helps.

- Janis

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