I want to grind the seeds...

and eat or drink the powder with other health foods.


At what level can I buy the seeds to grind and eat for health? If the chocolate flavor is not present, all the better. Eating to keep my body healthy is my primary reason for my interest here. I eat ground flaxseed every day for health reasons. I am nearly eighty, take no meds, want to keep it that way!


I commend you for wanting to continue eating for a healthy body. I'm 73 and do not take meds either. Healthy organic and sustainable foods go a long way to help maintain a healthy body. I'm very happy to hear from you.

I'm not sure I understand your question "At what level can I buy the seeds to grind and eat for health?" I'll assume you are looking for seeds that you can buy that are the best (which is free of GMO's, pesticides and are fresh and wholesome).

Assortment of Seeds and Nuts
One company that I respect for their quality is Blue Mountain Organics where you can buy on line. They have two types that are classified as:

LRF = Love Raw Food - meaning they are not sprouted by the company. Just follow this link Blue Mountain Organics - LRF


BTR = Better Than Roasted - meaning they are soaked, sprouted, and dehydrated at a temperature not exceeding 108 F. You can find these by following this link Blue Mountain Organics - BTR

The Best Hemp Seeds
A special hemp seed company I like is Manitoba. Their hemp seeds seem to be really fresh and wholesome. I always buy the organic. I've found the best price at Amazon, particularly when you buy 5 lbs at a time. They can go right into the freezer and will keep for a long time allowing you to take out what you need on a daily basis. Comparing prices between the 12 oz and the 5 lbs it equates to $1 per oz for the 12 oz - 2 pack and $.74 per oz for the 5 lbs package. Here's the link to these choices:

Amazon Organic Manitoba Hemp Seeds called Hemp Hearts
Manitoba Hemp Seeds

Please Help Me Understand...
I'm a little confused about your remark "If the chocolate flavor is not present, all the better." If you just buy the individual seeds and nuts, you won't be getting any chocolate beans or powder. If you can provide more information about this I'll be glad to help further.

Thanks for getting in touch.



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