How much Omega 3, 6 and 9 in Chia?

by Monsie Pickles
(Southport, Queensland, Australia)

How much omega.txt

What is the content of omega3, omega6, omega9 in chia seeds?

Hi Monsie,

Thank you for asking this question.

The amount will vary from crop to crop but here's the average using a 28 g or 1 oz serving.

Omega 3   5.3 g per oz
Omega 6   1.7 g per oz
Omega 9   0.6 g per oz

These are weight ounces (like in pounds), not volume ounces (like a tablespoon or a cup).

You can easily convert this to approximately two tablespoons. I've weighed two tablespoons of chia on my kitchen scale and it comes pretty close to being equal to one weight ounce (not enough variance to make a significant difference).

This means that the chia seeds I weighed - one ounce is pretty close to being equal to one volume ounce which is two tablespoons.

The above figures are calculated based on an analysis done from a variety of sources. The information is based on an analysis using 100 grams of chia, not 28 grams as in my example. You can see the full analysis at the AZChia website.

Once there, just go to the "home" page (top left menu) and then in the search box (top right of the screen), search for "omega composition - detailed analysis" - you'll find a lot more information as well.

If you have more questions, just let me know.

- Janis

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Sep 25, 2014
Changing nutritional makeup of chia seeds -
by: Barbara

My nutrition teacher told us that when you grind Chia seeds they change from omega 6 to omega 3. How does that happen?

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