How is milk chocolate unhealthy for you?

How is milk chocolate unhealthy for you?

If you look at the ingredients on the label of the milk chocolate food, you'll usually find some ingredients that are the unhealthy kind.

This requires a more in depth answer to give you enough information to evaluate properly but for starters, here's an answer...

Primarily, the following ingredients are not healthy which usually make up a mainstream milk chocolate candy bar.

  • Sugar - usually the first ingredient listed on the label, which means the bar contains more sugar than the other ingredients that follow.
  • Milk products - In the United States, most probably from cows given genetically engineered growth hormones - unless you see organic or non-gmo on the label.
  • Soy lecithin - In the United States, very likely to be genetically modified soy - products are usually labeled organic or non-gmo when gmo related ingredients are NOT present.
  • PGPR (Polyglycerol Polyricinoleate) an artificial emulsifier derived from castor oil so as to reduce the cocoa butter.
  • Emulsifier - an emulsifier with no name, so who knows why it's added since soy lecithin and PGPR also act as emulsifiers.
  • Artificial flavor - another unknown but being artificial, it could be anything a manufacture is adding without care to health.

If you look at the ingredients to determine the health value, look for ingredients that are organically grown or non-gmo stated on the label. You'll be a step closer to a healthier milk chocolate

I'll be working on a new article to cover this in more detail.

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