Hershey's cocoa

by Jan Arnold
(Bend, Oregon)

Question: Is Hershey's cocoa (100% cacao) a healthy choice? If not, why not?

Answer: Hi Jan. Thank you for asking…

I look at foods as being more or less healthy. Sort of on a scale where you have to find your preference.

If you have been eating Hershey Milk Chocolate bars and want to switch to Hershey’s cocoa (100%), in my opinion, that would be a good choice. Here’s why I would make that decision.

Milk chocolate has a list of ingredients, one being milk. Milk is likely from CAFO’s (controlled animal feeding operations). I like milk that comes from free range grass fed cows. This is more in tune to what a cow can eat and will feel good throughout its life. The lecithin is likely soy lecithin which is 93% GMO grown in the US. Without digging any further, I would avoid this particular chocolate.

The Hershey’s Cocoa (100%) appears to be more nutritious for you, just because it does not contain questionable ingredients. It is processed more than I would like but coming up the scale, this would be a better choice over the Hershey’s Milk Chocolate bar.

If you want to eat healthier, you become more in control when you select your own ingredients and combine them.

For example, I’ve been developing a particular chocolate recipe for over five years. I am finalizing this last bit of discovery and will soon release what I’ve found. If you’d like to know what these particular ingredients are and where to get them, you can subscribe to my newsletter, Health Talk, Uncovering Lost Treasures.

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