Help Antioxidants Help You

Help antioxidants help "you" to build your immune system.  It's "easy" when you understand how they work. This is in story-form without the technical terms until the end.


Helper Q
Intruder X
Miss Victim L


Intruder X is to steal Miss Victim L's treasure and Helper Q is to help these two both come away smiling.

This is not a war or a battle to Helper Q.  He knows why Intruder X wants to steal Miss Victim L's treasure.  Helper Q is one of millions of "Helpers" that know how to resolve problems of this nature. 

Miss Victim L is actually one of billions of potential victims on Planet Earth.  But… this is a story to be told with a happy ending. 


Intruder X is a part of trillions of intruders unleashed on Planet Earth without knowing what their destructive forces could do. Who knows their original mission?  It's unclear at this point.  The problem has become an imbalance of Victims to Intruders.  Just too many Intruders. 


The "Helpers" can step in and change their mission to a more positive nature. There are essentially not enough treasures to steal without destroying all the forms hosting the Victims unless the "Helpers" make better odds.

Now the Helpers have a secret that is a "game changer". There are many different kinds of Helpers - each carrying their own secret for a particular type of Intruder and Worker.

Their duty is to ensure the Workers they protect, are left alone to do their work.  A Helper does this by handling any matching Intruder in such a way that he is happy to leave the Worker alone to do his job.

We know that an Intruder is capable of hindering any Worker he comes in contact with when they match. This definitely requires a secret weapon to ensure the final result helps both the Intruder and the Worker come away smiling.

So... What's the Secret Weapon?

The Helpers do their work by pretending to be Workers. The Intruders don't seem to care. If they match, they engage, using various methods depending on their character-types.


The Intruder intends to steal from the Helper thinking he is a Worker as they match. At the point that the Intruder steals from the Helper and he now has a smile. He also lost his power since he doesn't have any further need.  Basically, the Helper has put one Intruder out of business by pretending to be a worker and allowing the Intruder to steal from him.  The Helper has done his job and any matching Worker is happy to continue doing his work.

Chemistry Terms Disclosed

Helper = antioxidant, also "donor"
Worker = cell
Intruder = free-radical

What is Stolen?

An electron which is part of the outer structure of a molecule.

In reality, the free-radical goes looking for a specific thing to steal. This "specific thing" is called an "electron." The free-radical is missing an electron and he wants to be complete so… he goes out to steal an electron that is compatible with his particular chemistry.

When the antioxidant or donor (Helper) is a match for the free-radical  (Intruder), the free-radical steals the electron from the antioxidant or donor. The free-radical goes away. He is no longer in need because he is not missing an electron.


Antioxidant or Donor Types

    Vitamin C - Found in Oranges and Lemons
    Vitamin E - Found in Raw Hemp Seed and Rice Bran Solubles


    Cigarette smoke by smoking yourself or breathing secondhand smoke
    Chlorine gas escaping from cleaning products and chlorinated water

It's important to take in enough antioxidants to handle the free-radicals. But there are other ways to reduce them in your environment before they reach your body. For instance, air and water filters are helpful in removing the free radicals before they get to you.


By getting enough antioxidants in your diet, you are able to match to tremendous amount of free-radicals we are now encountering in our food, air, water, cleaning supplies, perfumes, furniture, clothing, etc.  You can learn more from another article here:

Foods High in Antioxidants