Healthy Fruits
Why Berries Are High on the List

Healthy fruits are healthy because they are grown on healthy soil. More focus has been placed on berries over the last few years since science has discovered what's in them.

Berries - An Excellent Source of Antioxidants

Antioxidants are super helpful to the body. Some berries are listed quite high on the list. You may want to read Foods High in Antioxidants - Why You Need Them!

By understanding more, it should help you go out of your way to shift your diet over to eating more healthy fruits. They are really quite valuable in helping to maintain health.

Open-polination, Non-hybrid Are Best

As foods become popularized, more are grown and seeds are hybridized. The thought being, man wants more of what science says is there.

There is a problem with hybrid because nature works best when the birds and the bees are helping out. Berries should be grown from open-polination seeds on well mineralized soil.

  Choose Fresh Organic Berries!

They potentially contain health giving trace minerals that help to make up their delightful colors. There has been evidence that hybridized seeds do not pick up all the trace minerals, although all the minerals are in the soil.

Look for berries from non-hybrid seeds. Organic fruits ensure no synthetic chemicals or pesticides are used. Sustainably grown is another option that avoids the chemicals and works with nature.

Sometimes I am able to find wild-grown berries, even wild-organic berries. This means they are open polinated and should be packed with nutrients. I have found them on the Internet or at various specialty food stores, like Trader Joe's, and they are in the frozen state.

Balance and Variety are Key

If you eat a variety of berries and small amounts of them, you should do well. The body is very complex and balanced in it's ideal state. You are eating to maintain that balance so you can funcion well when awake and sleep soundly when it's time to do that.

When you stick with the same few foods month-in / month-out, you are losing your complexity and slowing the body down. Life goes down hill and by the time you reach 60 or 70, the body doesn't move around very well any more.

Here are some healthy fruits that offer great nutrition if grown properly. Their color pigments make up many of their health giving nutrients. I've listed some significant nutrients to give you an idea how they are different.


  • High in potassium - supports good circulation.

Black Currents

  • High in vitamin C - support connective tissue and vessel walls.
  • High in rutin - a bioflavinoid working with C to support connective tissue and vessel walls.
  • Has gamma linolenic acid (GLA) - helps to produce prostolandins which is a hormone-like substance having to do with controlling organ function throughout the body.

Red Currents

  • Has antiseptic properties - supports cleansing of liver and bloodstream.


  • High in phytochemicals - supports healthy immune functions.
  • High in antioxidants - capable of destroying free radicals.


  • Contains quinic and benzoic acids - produces hippuric acid in the body which acts to inhibit bacterial adherence to the bladder and urinary tract cells.

Berries can be expensive but just a little can go a long way if you keep in mind that healthy fruits mean variety.

When I was in my 30's, I went through a period where I had very low energy. I worked out a diet based on a basic principle of energy. The diet consisted of a tremendously wide variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, seeds and herbs. I ate very small amounts daily to ensure all the various parts of my body were getting the nutrition they needed. It worked and my physical energy increased dramatically.


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Please feel free to email me if you have questions or comments. I am always happy to respond.

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