Healthy Food Recipes

Our healthy food recipes (updated May 2, 2013) are quite a bit different from what you normally find. We look for the highest quality ingredients and want to provide recipes that you can easily change to meet your own needs and tastes. We also look for recipes that are unique and can add variety to your monthly menu.

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Healthy Chocolate

  • Cacao Nibs Basic - This is our basic healthy chocolate recipe which you can modify to create many other wonderful chocolate treats.

  • Chocolate Delight - This recipe is our top chocolate treat recipe, now evolved to even more extraordinary after two years. It's even more smooth and creamy and the best tasting chocolate treat ever! (replaced previous chocolate delight recipe as of 5-2-2013)


Golden Squash Blossom Crema

  • Squash Blossom Recipes - "An elegant golden squash blossom soup captures the freshness of the Mexican countryside... " This is a real treasure and I am very pleased to be able to provide this recipe for you.

Spirulina Crunchie Cubes

  • Spirulina Crunchies Recipe - This makes an unusual treat that is quick and easy to make and is highly nutritious for all ages. The algae taste fades away while experiencing this new combination of foods. We've added our new found coconut oil and organic stevia to bring about this new treat.

    You keep it in the fridge until ready to eat - goes with any meal to enhance nutrition and can take the place of a dessert. But we love it with our Chocolate Delight. It's a wonderful way to brighten your day and continue on, alert and productive.

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