Healthy Eating Tips

These healthy eating tips are designed to give you enough information so that you can make educated decisions or to help you move forward on your journey towards a healthy eating lifestyle.

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Fish Oil Supplements - How to Choose

There's a lot of fish oil supplements on the market these days but how do you tell what is the best to buy? I found out that what you get in the majority of the supplements are no more than about three nutrients and the rest are discarded. But the rest of the nutrients are really just as important as the three being processed and sold. Here's more data if you are interested...
Eating Better - A Way to Start
Sometimes it's difficult to get started in a new direction. Here's a tip that is pretty easy to implement. The easiest way to start is to select one food that you can transfer out of your weekly grocery list, and select one that can replace it, a more nutritious one, of course.
How to Afford Healthy Foods
There's ways to afford healthy food by buying in bulk. I end up eating less because there's more nutrients in what I buy. There's more than one way to make your dollar go farther. Take a look even if funds are really tight. You'll probably get more ideas on your own.
Trans Fat Substitutes
One great food that you can substitute for trans fats is cold pressed organic coconut oil. This is a wonderful, and very nutritious food. You can use it in pie making as well as other recipes. I'll be writing more about this but take time to see why we don't recommend the trans fat substitutes made by the same companies making the trans fats.
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