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Iherb has many healthy food items as well as supplements. It's where we buy a lot of our healthy eating resources. Here's some to check out:
  • Mt. Capra Goat Whey Minerals
  • Garden of Life Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil
  • Chia Seeds by Navitas
  • Stevia (non bitter) by Now Products

If it's your first time to try them out, be sure to give them this code (RIG923 - the I in RIG is a capital i as in ice) and you get a $5 credit off your first order.


Here's where you can buy RiSoTriene, You won't find RiSoTriene listed. It's the main ingredient in their product called Life Solubles, so look for that name.

Integris was the first company to broadly market the stabilized rice bran. It's also called rice bran solubles. It's very different from others that followed. I realized how much better RiSoTriene was when I began comparing it with the other forms of stabilized rice bran that began popping up many years later.

Lindner Bison
If you eat red meat, this is the best. Low fat, high protein and truly well cared for. The Lindner's are wonderful people who have brought back integrity to the red meat industry. Glen and I switched from eating beef to bison several years ago. We don't eat much but eat the best. This is totally grass fed, no grains their entire life.
Love Street Living Foods

Love Street Living Foods is a company on the East Coast of the United States. They have some good prices and their quality is very high. We buy their raw organic nibs and cacao powder in bulk. Theirs is the best coming out of Ecuador.

Shipping can be a factor depending where you live. But that only matters if you are in a hurry and live on the West Coast. Most of their prices are excellent even with shipping costs, so you still save a considerable amount of money.

If you love "already-made" chocolate, they actually have the best. It's hand crafted from the same high quality cacao products from Ecuador. I have yet to find better quality chocolate bars and treats at these prices.

Natural Zing

Here's a company providing a LOT of healthy eating resources and their prices are VERY reasonable, not too high and well worth the time if you compare prices. One BIG PLUS, - they are very stable and keep items in stock better than others I have on my list.

Their star item is available at a great price! If you've never tried this, you are in for a real surprise. I've see this product being sold as high as $60 a bottle but Natural Zing's price is just $34.

  • Oceans Alive Marine Phytoplankton

If you don't have a health food store close by, this is a great place to shop on line. The quality of their products are the TOP of the LINE. I'm happy to have found them.

They are on the East Coast so shipping will be minimal if you live on that side of the US. But even if you live on the West Coast or in between, you may find their prices are lower even with the shipping.

Nature Rich
Here's another company we have been buying from for years. They have very high integrity as a company and their products show it. We love the Nature Rich Greens. We've gone through many kinds of green food products over the years, and this one seems to be the best balanced. It also tastes really good.
Sunfood Nutrition
This is the best place to buy many of the nutrient dense super foods on the market today. They have led the way to the highest quality foods around the world.

We have a tremendous amount of healthy eating resources to choose from at Sunfood. High on our list is their truly raw organic Cashews (whole) and Greek Olives.

Sun Warrior

Sun Warrior's Rice Protein continues to be the best protein powder we've taken. It's easy to balance my diet to keep my carbs and fats in line. We get the Vanilla. We like it better than the Natural. We add our own raw Cacao stuff when we want chocolate.

We find it easy to digest and helps tone muscle. (Of course... we do exercise. Staying fit at any age requires some exercise, no matter how good the protein is - this I've learned the hard way.)

Vital Choice

This company has the best salmon and tuna we've found. Their integrity is supreme! They have led the way to help protect our oceans from ruin by helping to increase awareness of bad fishing practices. Their safe to eat fish are small, nutrient dense and grown in sustainable fisheries, helping to ensure your dollar is well spent.

We've been buying their Sport Certified Salmon Oil. It's got a good balance of A, D and the Omega 3's, plus all the other nutrients found naturally in salmon oil.

They also have the best Krill Oil on the market. it's pure, whole and unrefined which means you get a lot more nutrition that does more.

More Healthy Eating Resources

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Organic Food Source List

This Organic Food Source List relates only to the United States right now. It will be growing as we locate more farms, markets and stores.

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