Healthy Eating Habits
Making It Easier

To develop healthy eating habits, it should begin as a child, but with TV and all the ads, children are educated by the manufacturers on what should be eaten. Even without a TV, children learn what to eat from their friends.

I just came across this newly released video "The New MacDonald" and learned a very good lesson that was easy to comprehend and had me smiling with some hope for our children around the world, as well as our teens and adults.

Share this with the children in your life. But continue on through this page for other important lessons that could help make healthy eating habits easier to build throughout any child's entire life. Setting up healthy eating habits can be pretty easy to follow if you know where to start. Just go over the specific steps below and you'll be on your way.

I've numbered the steps to help you and your children go along. Get each one understood and practiced a bit before trying to do the next. You'll be more able to stick with a healthy diet as you build on these basics.

Step 1. The Best Healthy Eating Tip I Can Give...

This may not sound like a healthy eating habit but you won't be able to stick with any good habits you put in unless you do this one.

Have you ever tried to force a child to eat? Eating healthy foods has to do with building and using a healthy body throughout life... but this one very important basic must be in place.

When you invest time and money in eating better while you aren't doing what you really care about in life, you can end up trashing the entire healthy eating trip. Watch this short video clip a couple of times to really get this point. It's not about eating but very clearly, more basic...

One thing that has impressed me most in my years of study of healthy foods is this:

Good nutrition can improve your quality of life. But... as your physical body improves, it is VITAL to gain knowledge in the area of life that most interests YOU. Having a healthy body is of no use if YOU aren't doing something you really want to do in life. It's truly a VITAL aspect of living.

Children are more in tune to being educated if they are allowed to choose what they are currently interested in..

Help your child do all of the following steps and start doing them yourself if you are not winning in life already:

  1. Determine what to do in life that gets you excited
  2. Start a learning program about that
  3. Eat healthy foods that support your goals (keeping in mind the message from "The New MacDonald" video)
  4. As you gain new skills, have wins practicing them
  5. Help others

Step 2. Look for Healthy Foods

Establish food sources that sell nutritious foods that are grown...

  • in the wild
  • on organic farms
  • using sustainable farming practices

Choose Foods from Organic or Sustainable Farms

Small farm with windmill and pond

This may take some planning. You may need to locate new places to shop. I found Tropical Traditions a few years ago. They have a lot of organic foods. It's a great resource. Here's a link to take a look around. This particular link will also give you their current sales.

Once there, if you look to the left, there's a menu where you'll find all sorts of packaged organic foods and farm grown produce. They have really great coconut oil products. When you wait for their sales or free shipping, you'll be saving a lot of money. I buy the one gallon tub of coconut oil which allows me to get the best price anywhere.

Tropical Traditions Weekly Sales

Step 3.   Avoid Unhealthy Foods

Eliminate foods grown using...

  • herbicides, fungicides and pesticides
  • synthetic chemical fertilizers
  • genetically modified foods

Here are two very informative videos that will give you understanding of what we have been up against in finding really wholesome food. I spent the time to go through Part 1 and Part 2 at one sitting but if you don't have time, listen in short segments. It will provide you with the appropriate education that you can use to see the unhealthy foods when you go shopping and why they are unhealthy.

Today's Modern Food

Part 1

Part 2

When you understand this step, it becomes easier to avoid the bad food and look for the good stuff.

Step 4.   Learn to Read Food Labels

In all the healthy eating habits, this one can be the most difficult. Be sure to go through the two videos above, "Today's Modern Food" which will make it a lot easier.

  • Avoid packaged foods when you don't understand ingredient names, then learn them and buy only if safe to eat.
  • Buy organic packaged foods if all ingredients are organic. Read the ingredients list carefully, some are listed as organic, while others are not.
  • Avoid foods containing food additives while you learn the good from the bad. Food additives are not all listed on the ingredients list. Avoid "natural flavors" since the word natural has an unclear definition in the manufacturing industry. You won't be able to tell what ingredients are included in the natural flavors category.

You don’t want to go hiking in the woods and pick food off bushes without knowing a little about that. The same thing is true about going to the grocery store. You will want to know a little more about it. Learn how to tell the healthy foods from the unhealthy foods. Reading food labels has a little more information for you.

Step 5.   The Miracle of a Garden - Kids Eat Kale

"If kids grow kale, kids eat kale" - "If they grow tomatos, they eat tomatos" - quoted from the video, Ron Finley - A guerilla gardener in South Central LA

This video is both entertaining and inspiring for all ages.

Grow a garden and you will win! Ask children to help you grow a garden and they will win.

Gardening helps you and your children develop healthy eating habits - a true miracle of a garden.

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Please feel free to email me if you have questions or comments. I am always happy to respond.

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