Healthy Chocolate Ingredients

Healthy chocolate ingredients make the difference in any chocolate recipe. They should be raw, nutrient dense and of the highest quality. You can discover here what these ingredients are and where to get them.

If you want the healthiest chocolate treats, make them yourself. You can be in control of what goes in. I ran out of patience trying to buy the already made treats. I wanted the best.

These ingredients will make a world of difference in how healthy your chocolate treats turn out. You are in for an adventure and I think you'll love what you end up with.

Benefits You May Experience

  • More energy but not hyper
  • Calmer - more relaxed but not tired
  • Brighter with clarity of thinking
  • Great snack or appetite suppressant before a meal
  • Happy and more enthusiastic
  • Friendlier or more loving towards others
  • Able to handle stressful problems easier

Basic Ingredients

Here is the most basic ingredient that comes in five different forms for you to experiment with.

  • Raw Certified Organic Cacao Beans
  • Raw Certified Organic Cacao Nibs
  • Raw Certified Organic Cacao Powder
  • Raw Certified Organic Cacao Paste
  • Raw Certified Organic Cacao Butter

You can use any combination of these ingredients when making your chocolate treats and you may end up with the benefits I mention above.

Disclaimer: Since everyone is different, you may mix unhealthy ingredients with these healthy ones, or buy cacao from an unreputable source. I am not assuming responsibility for your outcome. This is an adventure and you will be the one in charge. If you succeed, you may never do without chocolate again, and be totally happy about it.

These five ingredients should not be compromised when making any truly healthy raw chocolate recipe. I have been researching where to get these healthy chocolate ingredients for some time.

I just use the raw certified organic cacao nibs and raw certified organic cacao powder in my recipes right now, as they are very easy to use and the outcome is always wonderful!

Some sources can actually be bad for you. I have found cacao beans and nibs that were moldy but sold as normal healthy products. So learn how to tell before you buy.

The ones I have chosen can make a significant difference in taste and quality. Use the Cacao Beans link to learn more about this.

Healthy Chocolate Recipes

Basic Cacao Nibs Recipe

Chocolate Delight Recipe

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