The Healthiest Foods!

The healthiest foods can be hard to find but they are well worth the search. Glen and I are continually looking for the best foods and we found some back in 1998.

We happen to learn about biodynamic farming (a type of superior organic farming system) on the Internet when we were looking for some really healthy fruits.

  They were the best apples we ever had!
Best Apples Ever

We were thrilled when we found a place and were able to order some biodynamic apples. If you haven't read our full story about this, you can go to our home page.

Then we discovered we could get a box of healthy vegetables along with some healthy fruits, so we ordered a box. Our contact was in New York and we lived in California. They had a biodynamic farm on their list in California and we weren't too far away. We liked the food so much we looked into joining their CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).

A CSA is where you agree to buy from a farm over a particular amount of time and receive a box of food every week. They prepare the food boxes and deliver to neighborhood drops. You can also pick up your weekly share from the farm if you live close by.
Glen and I were put on a waiting list because they have just so many they can keep up with. When someone drops off, you move up on the list. We participated with this one farm for a couple of years. We really do feel the biodynamic farming principles result in the healthiest foods when applied correctly.

What are the healthiest foods like?

It was the best food we had ever eaten. It was more energizing and satisfying. We were able to understand how food nutrition could help a person do better in life. We got a real insight into what malnutrition is all about. When nutrients are missing in foods, you can begin experiencing a step down from health going toward being malnourished.

What we have today in the United States is an abundance of foods that are lacking the nutrients that nourish. We are actually looking at a malnourished society. But we've been this way for so long we don't even have a real concept of what well nourished is.

How did the CSA work for us?

Our CSA farm was in the Santa Barbara, California area and we lived about 95 miles away, in Glendale. Every week I would go to a school where they received the food. There were several drop locations where the nearby CSA members would conveniently pick up their share. This was very workable.

That particular CSA disbanded due to family problems so we found another one. There was a problem with the second one though. They were growing in Northern California, about 210 miles away. It was just too far and the food did not travel well. It was not worth the money.

How do you find this Biodynamic Food?

Searching on the Internet is a good place to start. As of today, we are not able to locate any other Biodynamic Farms close by. So we make do with our farmer's market. It's an experience you should take advantage of if you find you have one of these farms close by.

Is this CSA near You?

Biodynamic CSA

Here's a CSA in Tennessee where they are using biodynamic farming principles. If you happen to live nearby, you'll be a very happy person if you connect up. Look over the goal of their farm and you'll understand more about what I mean. It makes me want to move to Tennessee.

By searching around, I found this website "Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association" listing 600 CSA's of farms and gardens in North America. It's very informative and you might find one near you. This list includes biodynamic and organic farms plus others.

I'll continue to be on the lookout. As I find more, I'll place links on our site to CSA's where one may be in your neighborhood. This may enable you to experience what we consider the healthiest foods.

Please feel free to email me if you have questions or comments. I am always happy to respond.

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