Health vs Disease

In terms of health vs disease, it's time for each of us to really look here at our prospects for health.  I'd like to ask this question of you - Does creating health by nutrition get better results than curing a disease with drugs?  This article will give you information you may not have ever looked at.  In your search for answers, here's a start to evaluate what you find.

A New  Answer to an 2012 Question

I received a question in 2012 that I answered at that time,  I've since found more information that might shine a better light on health vs disease and at the same time, provide more options to moving toward health rather than focusing on disease.  Here's the original question:


How long will it take, consuming chia seeds, to see some benefits, such as improved BP or Blood Sugar?

The discussion of high or low blood pressure and blood sugar tells me, that's a medical type discussion so I don't go there.  I did answer this question in terms that I could use but I did find someone who did a lot of research with doctors who provided me with a lot more understanding and that's what I'd like to share with you right now.

"Lessons from Miracle Doctors"

Here's the quote from Jon Barron, the author of "Lessons from Miracle Doctors."  This quote is about health and disease.  Jon was being interviewed by Mike Adams, who is well known as the Health Ranger and is the author of Natural News.

"Barron: The doctors I worked with -- the ones getting the best results -- had something in common. They tended not to worry about what a particular disease was.

Basically, someone came in with MS, cancer or whatever, and they put these people on the same program. The idea was to take care of the whole body. Philosophically, the body is in the same design -- call it the hand of God or call it a million years of evolution -- but it's designed to take care of itself; it's designed to repair and rebuild and to get rid of disease if you don't interfere with the process. In other words, you need to give it what it needs and not give it more toxins than it can handle.

These guys worked on that principle. Someone came in, and they didn't care about the disease. They put them on an overall program to basically clean everything out that was toxic and rebuild all of the major systems in the body. "


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Links to Jon Barron's Information

  • Free e-book: Jon Barron's 2002 edition of "Lessons from the Miracle Doctors" - scroll down to about the middle and just below the picture of the hard copy book and you'll see a link for the free download version.
  • Free Audio Series: Jon Barron's "Take Back Your Health" - Jon goes into a lot of the material you'll read in the "Lessons from the Miracle Doctors" which is easier for me most of the time.
  • Free Articles: Jon Barron's Articles, Reports, Newsletters related to Body Systems like Blood and Circulatory, Bones, Joints and Muscles, Digestive, Endocrine, etc. These categories go to specific pages with articles specific to these topics.

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Here's the link to the answer I gave originally in 2012 if you are interested in reading that.

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