Grind Chia Before Eating?
-and how about putting on hot oatmeal?


Do you need to grind the chia seeds before eating them?

Also I put the seeds in my cooked oatmeal and then put soy milk on it, so am I still damaging the seeds by the heat of the oatmeal? Thank you for you input.


Thanks for your questions!

Regarding grinding the chia seeds before eating them - no you don't need to grind them.

It's important to understand that grinding is different from blending. The grinding procedure results in heating up the seeds and will cause the omega's to go rancid.

Blending is different. You are actually adding the seeds to water or other liquids, where you aren't intensifying the heat around the blades. You aren't reducing the seeds into really fine particles.

But... when using the high power blenders to grind the dry chia seeds, be aware that the seeds will heat up and you'll probably end up with some rancid omega's in your seeds.

If you prefer the finer particles, you might try the milled chia seeds. AZChia has them, but I have not tried them. I prefer them whole.

About adding the chia seeds to cooked oatmeal - I'll share with you how I might use my judgement here... This is what I consider:

If my oatmeal is steaming hot, I wouldn't put it in my mouth until it cooled down a bit, so... I wouldn't sprinkle any chia seeds on it either.

If it is cool enough to eat and warm enough to my liking, I would probably add chia gel. I would be ensuring the seeds were already hydrated and I wouldn't have to drink a lot of water with my oatmeal.

You could add the dry chia seeds as well. My recommendation is to be sure to drink a lot of water before eating your breakfast. Those little dry chia seeds are water hungry and will attract water from everywhere. You want to have enough to go around. (I just prefer the chia gel in all the ways I use chia.) It's a matter of preference though, so do whatever you feel good about.

As for milled chia, I don't have experience with them. If you decide to try them, let me know what you think.

Thanks for asking your questions. It really helps me and other people learn more about chia and how they can be used.



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-and how about putting on hot oatmeal?

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Aug 31, 2016
by: Anonymous


Feb 23, 2016
New to chia seeds NEW
by: Anonymous

New to chia!! Tried 2 tablespoons in milk but found the seeds to be hard overnight. I blended in the bullet and then added half to hot cereal .going to try all different ways to use this little miracle seed.

Apr 25, 2015
grind chia seeds first NEW
by: Anonymous

To get the full benefit from chia seeds they need to be ground before eating

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