Goat Whey Minerals
A Great Source of Natural Minerals

Goat Whey Minerals (Updated May 14, 2010) can help you add the missing elements you haven't been getting in your food and water. Those elements are essential to health. They are part of the food system that begins from the ground up.

Rock dust is the food for micro-organisms. When missing in the soil, we get sick plants and the food chain continues on without ability to support higher forms of life as intended by nature.


Goat Whey Minerals

Source: Mt Capra

To learn more about Goat Whey Minerals, you might want to meet the precious goats that provide them. I have to say... goats have the sweetest faces and they are a lot of fun to have around. I think you'll enjoy this video.

You'll see how these little goats go into their "milking parlor" and find their very own spots. Plus you'll learn a lot about the farm and why their products are so nutritious.

Why Best Value:

Mt Capra is the only company that I know that produces these Goat Whey Minerals. Here's a quote from the Mt Capra website to give you an idea of their quality:

"Our goats are free range allowing them to enjoy life the way nature intended. Their food supply is free of pesticides, herbicides, growth hormones and they are not treated with antibiotics. This laid back lifestyle and food quality is captured in our gentle and unique production methods and transferred into the products we produce."
  • They are minimally processed which contributes to their bioavailability
  • Contains electrolytes so becomes more accessible to the cells
  • Alkalizing mineral composition, therefore helps support the appropriate pH for a healthy body.

I have gone through a lot of mineral products over the last 30 years. I've now used these for over five years. They mix well with other foods and liquids. I never heat them. They add value to whatever I eat.

Where to Buy:

A lot of people sell them. I've found the best price from Iherb. If you haven't purchased from them before, use this Referral Code and get $5 off your first order. You can learn more about this by going to Iherb - Online Ordering Only.


I don't have any other recommendations right now for a good mineral source. Mt Capra's Minerals are an animal source. I am setting up a project soon to see what kind of minerals can be captured by growing a home garden using a special formulation of ocean minerals. I experimented with wheat grass which was successful to a point. I want to grow a variety of foods outdoors using them to see what sort of mineral surge I can get from home grown foods.

If you are the type of person who likes to grow your own food, and would like to know more, send me an email and I'll put together some information for you.

Please feel free to email me if you have questions or comments. I am always happy to respond.

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