Full O' Life

by Janis Ihrig
(Publisher of Natural Healthy Eating)

Full O' Life
2515 W. Magnolia Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91505

(818) 845-8343

This little health food store was started back in 1959. They have a wonderful story about their beginning. They were pioneers in bringing organic foods into the city from the Southern California farms.

They carry fresh organic fruits and vegetables, Organic Pastures dairy products, organic frozen foods, including frozen bison. They carry much, much more, including the Sunfood line of raw organic cacao products, like nibs and cacao powder extract.

They also have a busy restaurant section where all the local health minded people go for lunch. There's plenty of parking and they've made room for a lot of people inside.

They provide healthy home cooked meals using the most nutritious ingredients. If you live in or near Burbank, you should stop by and experience the special care they give their customers.

They are open every day but Saturday.

Please visit their website. You'll find a menu for their restaurant and more information about the family that continues to provide excellent service.


I've been going here for many of my healthy food needs since 2004. Shortly after I discovered them, they had a fire and it was quite a loss. They decided to rebuild and although it took eight months to re-open their doors, they seem to be doing more business than ever.


Janis Ihrig

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