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Food nutrition is a product of good farming practices. On land we have the small farmers. In the ocean we have the ethical fisheries. The food chain is something I learned in grade school but our conventional farming practices seem to disregard it. I'd like to reintroduce it.

Microorganisms - Basic Life Units

The microorganisms are the "Critical" factor in protein rich healthy foods!

Proteins actually come from microorganisms that feed on minerals and elements. These microorganisms need a wide variety of minerals and elements to reproduce in abundance. These elements come from the soil, the sea, the air and from decaying plant life. What are Food Minerals? will give you more information about this.

Organic farmers practice the art of maintaining their soils high in microorganisms by providing them with the elements they need.

In the ocean, ethical fisheries practice good stewardship of the sea and ensure the fish are thriving and reproducing in abundance so we don't deplete our resources. Consideration includes the assurance of the microscopic life forms as well as the increasing sizes of fish.

Living Cells Contain Protoplasm


Protoplasm - 1. a complex translucent colorless jelly regarded as the physical basis of all living matter and life functions.


Protoplasm becomes the physical life within microorganisms as minerals and other basic elements come together. The greater the variety of minerals and appropriate elements such as nitrogen, oxygen, etc. are present in the right proportions, we end up the high quality proteins able to support higher life forms.

In other words, when all the basic elements are present and accessible, microorganisms flourish and are "high protein food" for new plant life. These high quality proteins, continue right on up the food chain, from plant… to animal… to humans.

Protein Rich Foods Contain Enzymes

Food Nutrition depends on the superiority of protein rich foods. Proteins with naturally high enzyme content coming from the microorganism protoplasm ensures their superiority. These enzymes should be protected during all phases of the food growing and processing periods.

Any part of the food chain that drops out this consideration of enzymatic activity will result in a decline in health. There are thousands of life processes within the human body that enzymes contribute to. When they are missing over a long period of time, cells do not rebuild and aging results.

Factory Farms and Fish Farms

We are facing a decline in sound food nutrition when our protein foods are grown with factory type principles. Profit is the goal and natural healthy foods are not even thought of. If you know more about this, you can make a decision to buy food grown from these factory farms or look elsewhere.

Factory Farming
Protein Foods - Grass Fed or Grain Fed?

If you are wanting healthy living foods continue reading the information on this site and follow the links. You will gain the understanding you are looking for.

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