Fish Oil Supplements - How to Choose

The fish oil supplements (Updated Feb 2016) on the market today come from many sources. The problem is, the fishing industry has changed over the years and many fisheries are no longer ethical. The fish oil manufacturing industry seems to have that same pattern resulting in products that are reduced in effectiveness.

Looking at both the fishing and manufacturing industries, I'd like to shed a little light on what to look for in choosing the omega 3 fish oil supplements.

Avoid Fish Oils from Polluted Waters

You want to ensure you are getting non-toxic fish oils. Some parts of our oceans are polluted with heavy metals, pesticides and PCB's. You are at risk if the fish oils still contain these toxins. Look for validation on the bottle for certification of being "free" from these poisonous elements. Companies do third party certifications. Where this certification is not on the label, don't buy them.

Reputable companies process the fish oils by breaking the oil down to the molecular level and eliminating the toxic substances. During this process they also eliminate valuable nutrients. There are only a few isolated nutrients that have been determined as being valuable by various scientific studies. The main ingredients looked for in fish oils these days are EPA and DHA (omega 3 elements), and then Vitamin A and D.

After breaking down the oils and saving only those molecular elements like EPA and DHA, their fish oil supplements pass certification for non-toxicity.

I have used many of these products and did get some value from them.

Look for Sustainable Fisheries

We are moving toward a time on this planet where we have to consider more than man's survival. There have always been various individuals forming groups to watch out for other life forms. But today, it takes more than those few. Living in an industrial era, we are consumers whose time is coming to an end of blind responsibility.

                    Ocean Ecosystem
Ocean Ecosystem

Ecosystem: organisms and their environment: a localized group of interdependent organisms together with the environment that they inhabit and depend on.
-Encarta Dictionary

We must think of our ecosystems both on land and sea. I am hearing word that reckless fish farms are destroying the natural waters in parts of our oceans. These waters are where the smallest of sea life begin. These small life forms support the next in line - moving on up the food chain to become gigantic sea creatures - the whale.

The krill are a tiny shell-like fish that are food for the whale. Krill seem to be a really good source of omega 3 oils. But they are different from most other fish. They have phospholipids (nutrients that make up cell walls). This is important for elements to go in and out of cells. Most other fish oils have triglicerides which is used differently and needed.

But in the krill, has astaxanthins as well as phospholipids making them quite special. Since astaxanthins are highly aclaimed antioxidants. We are getting a lot of help at the cellular level.

Astaxanthins can be purchased alone but when I find elements together naturally, it's a sign to me that I'll be getting more that science hasn't discovered yet.

I definitely feel they are more beneficial after comparing them with other fish oils.

There are krill fisheries now being certified by the Marine Stewardship Council for responsible fishing practices. So I no longer have to worry about selecting them for my source of omega's.

My choice is from the Vital Choice website. I've trusted them for many years as they are a very ethical company that works to maintain high integrity fisheries by bringing awareness up. We rely on companies to provide us with safe food and this company is one I treasure in the fishing industry.

If you are new to Vital Choice, Enjoy 10% off your first purchase by using the code: VCAFINT during checkout.

Vital Red Wild Antarctic Krill 500mg


Vital Red Wild Antarctic Krill 1000mg

Fish Oil Capsules

Here you see vats of fish oils to be packaged for sale. We are faced with a choice here.

If we continue our rate of consumption without thought to exchange, we will run out of quality food on this planet.

When considering fish oil supplements, support sustainable fisheries to do your part.

Other Life Forms Rely on Fish from the Sea

As you can see here, the grizzly bear takes his turn at fishing the streams where full grown salmon make their way back in fresh waters to lay their eggs.

                    Fishing Grizzly Bears
Fishing Grizzly Bears

We have salmon fisheries that are poisoning the waters with their unethical fish farms. The surrounding natural salmon fisheries will fade away.

We cannot support unethical behavior whether it be for fish as food or fish oil supplementation. It's time to put an end to irresponsible behavior. We do that with our purchasing power.

So What's Our Choice?

After doing a lot of research and experiencing a number of high quality products on the market, we discovered that high potency is not always the best choice. Our interest is maintaining a normal active body throughout life. We are NOT interested in curing a disease. We leave that to health care professionals.

I discovered a fish oil supplement where the oil was not broken down to the molecular level. Instead it was left in tact and the toxicity negligible. The array of nutrients included are tremendous in number.

The company providing this special fish oil supplement is, again... Vital Choice. They have been around for years and we are very happy to have found them.

        Vital Choice Sockeye Salmon Oil
Vital Choice Salmon Oil

Here's a picture of the Vital Choice salmon oil capsules.

As you can see, they are quite colorful, giving you the true color of the oil inside. That orange color is astaxanthin, a natural antioxidant pigment found in Pacific Coast salmon.

You can learn more about these

by visiting the Vital Choice website.

Salmon Oil Caps 90

Salmon Oil Caps 180

For Even More Nutrition and Omega 3's

If you like to eat fish, you can get even more omega 3 support. We get both the wild salmon and albacore tuna.

Our favorite is the wild caught sockeye salmon, skinless and boneless. They freeze it on the spot and there is such a difference. No fishy smell.

I feel by eating the Vital Choice fish once or twice a week, plus taking the salmon oil, we are getting a really good supply of nutrients that will ensure we are providing enough of the right fish oils for mental acuity as we age.

Please feel free to email me if you have questions or comments. I am always happy to respond.

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